TIPS for parenting, particular for parents of boys

Being a mother of a four year old boy does not make me an expert, however I have learnt a few things along the way. Recently for some reason I have had other mums with younger boys (particularly babies) say to me “so, have you any tips?” Apart from saying have you heard of condoms? (I am kidding by the way) no, I didn’t before. But now come to think about it, there is actually a few things I wish I’d known before becoming a parent.

I don’t want to just make this about boys, because as well as it sounding sexist (heaven forbid) I don’t want people to think that girls are easier. Hmmm they kind of are easier at an earlier age (preschool-junior), give it a few years though and the behaviour will probably change! I don’t know about you but I remember what I was like as a teenager, and I’ve watched my niece and nephew grow up and now they’re both well into their twenties.


You know about these, and some parents have them better than others. I’ve discovered that mine are so much better than what they used to be, people have told me they seem to get stronger when you’re a parent. He throws a piece of potato across the room, you try and sometimes successfully manage to catch it. However something gets lobbed and you don’t know what it is because you weren’t looking and worried it will do some serious damage so you dodge out of the way, then BANG you have a dent in your wall. Nowadays, when something gets ‘chucked’ at me, nine times out of ten I can confidently say I-can-catch-it!

Magic powers

These magic powers are not your run of the mill powers and I think having the ability to be in two places at once isn’t essential but would be desirable (if it were on a job description but we don’t get paid!) However, that one is only required if you have more than one child (most of the time), I am lucky enough to have one (and he really is a miracle).

However my **** miracle is a daily dawdler, with alot of things he does. BUT I’ve discovered because he’s really into his magic powers I can pretend to have magic powers and use them to make him move quicker. “Come on William, oh and look I’ve put magic powers in your shoes so you can walk faster!” And just like that, he’s almost running!

The ability to be a good loser

I know you can tell them till your are blue in the face that it’s not a game, but they still try and beat you (hopefully not literally but that’s another blog post!) They always want to win, whatever their doing. William loves to get to the top of the stairs first, he enjoys winning even who can drink their drink the quickest! All the games we have played and every time I win he has a mahoosive tantrum, I tried to show him how to be a good loser but I even lost at that!

Needless to say we’ll be putting that on hold for now, lucky for him I’m a good loser but one day he will be shown what a good feeling it is to be a good loser!! (Honestly, I can convince anyone!)

Thick skin

It is extremely essential when having children to have a thick skin, really thick. I mean thicker than your average leather handbag strap. William is always doing this whining noise, like a baby. It grinds through my whole body when he does it and sometimes I react to it, “stop it, stop that noise!” No, I can hear my mum saying, ignore it then he’ll stop doing it. Wow and this does actually work! However now he’s discovered a new thing, telling one of us that he loves us more than the other to get what he wants. I don’t have any problems with this (thick skin comes in handy for this), “Okay that’s fine if you love daddy more than mummy, because now mummy loves daddy more than William!” Ha! Have some of that you little hyperactive little wotjumacallit!

Looking forward to ‘you

Yes, the title doesn’t make complete sense, but it will when you do it. I’ve had three consecutive weeks of having a Wednesday to myself (I’m lucky enough to work part time), I drop him at preschool at half past eight in the morning and from then till half past two I can do what the hell I want. This week it was an overdue facial at Clarins that my husband at bought for me as a Christmas present in 2019, Jessica did an amazing job on making me feel relaxed and I did actually fall asleep at one stage and she took it as a compliment. Last week I had my nails done for the first time since lockdown and the week before it was hair cut and lunch out with him-in-doors enjoying the peace and quiet and the ability to have a proper adult conversation without William ‘butting’ in.

This morning I read an article on how to reclaim your time as a mum, and it’s exactly what I should’ve read in the beginning of this ‘fun filled’ parenting journey that began back in September 2016.

I think if you can get time to yourself on a regular basis, it does actually help. I used to read all these posts of time out for mums and me time and think what a load of *** so as you can tell I was quite skeptical, however I am going to say to you don’t knock it till you try it.

If not brush up on your other skills, because boy oh boy you will absolutely need them!!


  1. Thick thicker thickest skin ever after being parent. Totally relate to that. And yes, I am craving for that me time too ☺☺☺

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