My story

I started writing when I was eleven, ranging from stories of princesses and princes living happily ever after to stories of animals that talked! That’s when I first realised how much I enjoyed writing, I would spend hours and hours writing in a note book.

blank page on spiral notebook

When I used to get pocket money one of the first places I used to go was Woolworths, firstly to get myself the latest record and also to get a lined refill pad to write in. I would write poems and random stories of talking dogs for my mum to read apparently!

As a young adult I spent alot of time reading, it started with Judy Blume and Lois Duncan. Nowadays I like to be open minded about what I read and don’t always go for the recommended books (just to be different).

I discovered blogging in 2010 and in 2011 I started my own blog, I loved having the freedom to write and the more I enjoyed it the more I did it. I did guest posts for other blogs, book reviews and started earning money from it. Then when I went through IVF in 2016 I stepped back from it to concentrate on having and spending time with my family.

Baby William born 25/9/16 2lb 8oz

I came back and enjoyed writing even more and use my experience of different subjects to help others. I cover all things from motherhood including higher education as I work in the University of Southampton which is part of my expertise. However, on my own blog, I also write about varied subjects within Lifestyle, parenting and travel. If there is something I am not covering that someone wants to read about I will try my best to write about it too within my experience and knowledge.

My love is fiction, and my first writing goal was met in 2013 when I published my first novelette Lucy meets Lucy. I also write short stories and poetry, some published here on my blog. But I’m forever dreaming of having time to write another novelette or even novel, but at the moment I’m busy enjoying my life.

Me and my brood, my world, my happy place.
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