I used to think I was a good multi-tasker. I now realise it’s my ADHD.

It is no secret that I can get bored and find it almost impossible to stick to one thing at a time. My life is the prime example of that. Working as a Research Librarian part time I am also a writer and a mum. I also care for my mum (when I can along with my dad) and now I’m taking on another project of becoming a Copywriter. There is so much going on in my life and now I know that multi-tasking is my ADHD.

Even typing it I still struggle to accept it, but it’s true. I used to think that ADHD was just for children, which it did because that is when this started, as a child. Probably when I was just starting senior school, there are so many things we didn’t know about back then.

ADHD Multi-tasking

I was diagnosed in December but made the decision not to take the medication I was offered. When I feel I need it I will change my mind and go back to the doctor. I mean that is what I do right? Change my mind all the time!

There is so much in the media about ADHD which is great because I am able to educate myself about it easily. After deciding to self medicate I’ve been finding alternative ways to get through this. Writing is my main one, and then there’s the Magnesium supplements which has been really helping me with my hyperactivity.

There was a time when I thought ‘why does everything have to have a label on it?’ Especially now with the likes of social media there are many things that are pushed into the limelight; ADHD, Menopause, Miscarriage, IVF the list is endless. These are the ones that I’ve been through which is why I’ve only listed these (being already familiar with them.) I think unless you’ve been through any of them it’s difficult for anyone else to understand.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is condition that affects peoples behaviour, there is a list of symptoms of this. These include inattentive, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, however everyone is different. My main symptom is that I’m a good multi-tasker and can go from being hyperactive to (well) a sloth. We all used to think it was just in children. However, now we’re coming to the realisation that it’s also in adults.

Multi-tasker it's my ADHD

Things that I discovered that made me realise

It was one particular day when I was talking to someone at a Blogging conference last year, she had recently been diagnosed with it. Whilst speaking to her everything she said was resonating with me. Literally every single work. I shrugged it off, I was already going through other health issues I didn’t want something else to worry about. Then over the next few weeks so many things would crop up that I really noticed.

I was making stupid mistakes at work (attention to detail and carelessness), I couldn’t sleep or sit down for long periods of time (restlessness) and I was forgetting what I was doing which could have been menopause (forgetfulness). These were just a few of them that kept cropping up.

Did you know?

Apparently ADHD is common with creative people, specifically writers. I can see how because I’ve been keeping a journal which has been really helping me. I was reading a research article by Holly White from the University of Memphis a couple of weeks ago which was interesting. It stated that after research had been done they proved that ADHD could have negative impact on academic achievement, employment performance and social relationships. It made me feel sad, but I could totally understand how this could be the case. There are so many articles out there, some of them are quite insightful. However there is a huge amount of them that contradict each other. You have to be careful what to believe when you’re reading them.

Could you?

Is any of this resonating with you? Are you reading this and nodding your head? If you’re wondering and think this could be you, a doctor will diagnose you and medication will be prescribed but it doesn’t cure it. However, there are many ways you could top this up with natural remedies that could be done along side of this.

Manifesting ADHD

There are many websites that can help. Making sure to help you manifest this into your every day life. Keeping a journal has been helping me, but everyone does things differently. Exercise is also good for this, I do boxing once a week and have just started doing pilates which is also helping.

This list of the best ADHD blogs are full of those who understand and that can help others with symptoms and support. These are full of insightful and useful tips which can help anyone who thinks there is a possibility they could have ADHD.

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