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I’m not bragging but I’ve always been lucky enough  to have good skin, I inherited that from my parents.  My mum always showed me how to look after my skin without spending money by sharing how she had always managed to look after her own.  I followed her lead and had a good cleansing routine, well except from when I used to go out drinking then it all went out the window, but like I say I was lucky to be able to get away with it then.

In my forties I’ve been more conscious of looking after my skin though as I can see the lines, the dark circles and the dryness in my skin.

So when Vitali-Chi asked me to try some vegan friendly products, I was really careful about what I was using on my skin. I have suffered with psoriasis for many years, so I don’t like using perfumed or oily products especially on my face.

So when I opened the box, the first thing that I noticed was the V Genere Frangranced Anti-Ageing Face Oil, yes OIL along with that the aroma of scents coming from the box, I was transformed back to the Clarins Spa I’d been to a few weeks ago.

So many products and I had no idea where to start, which one to use first or what I should save till last as I normally do save the best for last!  So I lined them all up in my corner cupboard where I keep all my essentials, and picked one and used till it was empty moving on to the next one and today I’ve finished all my products.

I’m going to dive in, however I am going to do it using a top ten theme.  So if you would, if you’re old enough to remember that famous theme music, got it?  

Ok let’s do this….

In at number TEN because it was oil and normally I don’t pick oil as a rule was the Anti-Ageing Face Oil.  This smells devine which actually makes it more difficult to put as a number ten, but I am literally marking this down because of it being an oil.  However if you usually like an oil, you would probably feel differently about it.  It kind of reminded me of the facial massage oil you get, it was smooth but not sticky.

Then next at NINE was the Anti-Ageing Face Cream, this was lovely texture and it was actually a lovely night cream (partnered up with my new satin pillow case which is actually helping my skin not to dry out at night). It is equally good as a day cream, but my normal day cream I like because its a matt finish and this I found a bit too greasy on my sensitive skin. Also, after using other products I found the scent not as nice as the others.

Number EIGHT was the body lotion, this was another one that smelt amazing.  I used this on my body but also tried this on my face and felt lovely too, a great primer for myself personally too.  However I think my psoriasis disagreed (like it has an opinion!) It flared up after about half an hour and I had to wash it off.

Down at number SEVEN was the Super-Eze Gel, when I saw the description that it helped with emotional pain, tight and sore muscles I picked it as my first product to use.  With all the mental health issues I’ve had especially over the last year or so I thought what a great idea, I rubbed into my neck, shoulders and around my back where it aches.  Another one of the products that smelt and felt lovely and not too strong, it help me fall asleep and also soothed my back problems.

Super-Eze Gel+ - Vitali-Chi - Pure and Natural

In at number SIX was the Immune Defense Fragranced Gel, I put this on my feet before bed and it’s been helping with my allergies at night.  In the past I’ve put Vicks on the bottom of my feet because I heard this does the same thing, but I found this IDF Gel lasts longer.  BUT please be careful getting in the shower next day (I have a bruise on my hip!)

Number FIVE was the Positive Attitude Aroma Frequencies and I know what you’re thinking and you’re correct I don’t need this, with my daily positive attitude I don’t need some essential oils to help me.  Actually I needed a boost last week as I had some bad news, and I realised what perfect timing it was and put some in the bath and it was lovely and relaxing.  Positive attitude or not, the smell of this definitely put a smile on my face.

Straight in at number FOUR was the VGenere Anti Ageing Face Mask, which I wore for most of the day whilst working.  I put this on at half past nine before I started work at ten, then it came off before I collected William at 2.30 from preschool.  I don’t think I’d wear it at night because of the texture and I’d be worried about it getting on my pillowcase but when I took it off my skin felt all new and refreshed.  Wasn’t sure about the smell, but I forgot about the smell once I realised how good this was!!

Superb Eco Gift Set - Anti Ageing Cleanser, Toner and Face Cream+
You can buy a gift set that is currently reduced

My top favourite three of these products!  (I can tell you’re getting excited!!)

Number THREE was the Crystal Clear Aura Spray & Room Spray, this smelt amazing!!!  I LOVE how it’s nothing like other sprays I’ve used, fresh and delicious, but tea tree and lemon and these are two of my favourite aromas.  I’m finding where we had a cold windy spell (be nice!) That the house was a bit stuffy and we couldn’t have the windows open for too long (In May for crying out loud) a little spray of this and it lasted for so long and felt fresh as apposed to a perfume smell!  This is currently reduced on their website.

Number TWO was a tough one, very close because I really wanted to put this as number one HOWEVER I’m bias towards bath salts, the Super-Eze Bath Salts were such a lovely combination in my bath with a cup of tea.  Locking the door and having music on to drown out the noise of a four year old and noisy husband also helped, but these are a new favourite bath salts.  Also felt like I slept really well that particular night.

Drum roll if you please….

Number ONE was the VGenere Hand & Foot Cream; I chose this as my favourite because firstly it smelt good, I only used it on my feet to start with. I was putting it on my feet after a bath or shower, it was soaking right in and my awful dry heels were actually not as dry as they usually are. Then one particular time I automatically rubbed my elbow with the psoriasis on it and then wondered how it would affect it, so I left it and in fact added a bit more and it was actually really good and over the time I used it actually started to soothe it. As it was only a sample size I ran out but I shall be ordering more of this and really liked the texture of it too.

This is actually the best it’s been in a while!

Before I was sent the products I had done a bit of research on their user friendly website and looked through the products, one that stood out was the look of the weight-less bath salts.  Laughably I actually thought they said ‘weight-loss’, but when I contacted them and asked if I could try them they actually sent me a full tub of it rather than a sample of them.  I’m still working my way through it, but I really like them actually more than the sample of SE Bath Salts they sent me.  So I think actually this was my favourite product of them.

Having a look at what else they do (hair, body, face, wellness products plus more!) The lovely Allen & Jill Jesson founded this company eight years ago with the intention to promote and share the Chinese and Indian way of healing from 5,000 years ago making it available for all to use.

If you’d like to give them a go yourself copy this here to get yourself 10% off by using code ANNABELBEALES

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