S.M.I.L.E with your eyes

I was wearing contact lenses for as long as I can remember and it was in my early teens that I had started wearing glasses. I really hated it, I would sometimes hide my glasses so that I didn’t have to wear them and tell my mum that I’d lost them. But then when my eye sight got much worse (probably because I wasn’t wearing them as much as I should) I couldn’t get away with not wearing them because the optician had then told me I had to wear them all the time. Luckily by then, glasses had moved on from being just a black plastic NHS frame.

My best friend at school had started wearing contact lenses, I was in awe of the fact that she didn’t have to wear glasses. These little clear plastic things she’d put in her eyes for a few hours were giving her better vision without the steaming of the glasses, the bullying, being called ‘four eyes’ and the constant pushing the frames up the nose like I did. That was over twenty years ago, I’d worn many types of contact lenses since then you name it I’d tried them. I finally settled on Toric lenses because I had an astigmatism in both eyes and they were shaped like rugby balls. This is normal as a result of thyroid conditions, I still look at my eyes and hate the shape of them but that’s nothing that I will ever be able to change.

I knew about laser eye surgery for a really long time, for as long as I could remember but I would never be able to afford it and it was always easier to pay for contact lenses every month rather than pay for surgery. It hadn’t scarred me though, the thought of it. Maybe it was because of the major change of lifestyle it would be for me, or maybe it was because I hated wearing glasses and contact lenses that much.

People that I’d spoken to who had had laser eye surgery had told me how life changing it was, but I never actually contemplated how life changing it would be. But yes, if I’d not been through what I had with William then this would’ve been the most life changing decision I’d ever made.

Equipment | LVCCC | Laser Vision Clinic Central Coast

After I had it done I had so many people asked me questions, some even wondered why I had it done.

Why did you do it?

So many reasons I cannot list them all, but the main was the fact that my vision was -9.50 in both my eyes and I was fed up of not being able to see at all without glasses or contact lenses.

Was it painful?

It’s not painful, you can feel stuff going on but it doesn’t hurt. The only thing that did hurt, was when the optometrist pulled the micropore tape off my closed eyes.

Do you have 20/20 vision when it’s done?

Personally I don’t, but you can have. The Optometrist gave me options, one of them being to make one of my eyes slightly worse so that it lasts longer before I have the need for reading glasses. Eventually I will need reading glasses, but because my eyes are adjusted differently they’ll last longer which means it will be longer till I will need reading glasses.

How long was it till you could see properly?

It was less than an hour, but everyone is different. In some cases it’s not till the next day but my recovery was very quick. It was still a bit foggy for a few hours, but I could see properly but it just felt like I had steamed glasses on.

Would you do it again, and would you go back to the same company?

Absolutely yes! They were further out for me to travel, but actually extremely worth it. I would definitely recommend them if you’re thinking of having it done.

Is it expensive?

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. But I sat down and weighed it out and it worked out similar costs after about twelve years. That included buying glasses every two years and contact lenses solutions and all my check ups. I was lucky enough to enherit some money which I used, but there are many payment plans in place for this.

This photo was taken two weeks after my surgery

Like I’ve said it was extremely life changing, all the things I enjoyed doing I can enjoy just a little bit more. I can go swimming without walking around wearing prescription goggles to see what I’m doing, which means I can now take William swimming confidently. When I’m out in the sun and go inside somewhere I can just put my sunglasses on my head, rather than fishing through my bag for my normal glasses to swap them over with my prescription sunglasses. I can now lay in bed or on the sofa on my side comfortably reading or watching TV because my glasses used to dig into the side of my face, it really is the little things. But the main one for me is that I can do exercise without putting contact lenses in, I would wear them all day and then come the evening go for a run wearing my glasses which wasn’t practical because they would slip off my nose.

It was called SMILE laser eye surgery and I wish I’d done it sooner!

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