Looking forward.

Having recently been trying to build up my blog I’ve joined a couple of groups which have been great for morale for my ever so expanding team of erm, me!

This last week I’ve been meeting more bloggers and have enjoyed spending time reading their blogs, there is so much and so many subjects that are covered. So many that I cannot count but I’ve enjoyed them and meeting fellow bloggers that know stuff that I had no idea of!! Even a palaeontologist that isn’t called Ross!!! (Bit of a generalisation there sorry!)

Because of a post made by the lovely Christine Jones on our Facebook group I decided to do a brief blog about it, brief mainly because I need an early night after the struggle last night (another story for another time perhaps!)

Here are my things to look forward to, in no particular order (who am I kidding you’ll be able to work it out!)

1. A day shopping with my mum; we’ve missed our trips to primarni, tkmax and gunwhaf quays. We were about to embark on this new stage of our lives due to my boy going to preschool full time and me working part time but we never got to do it. So I will look forward to ‘ladies that lunch‘ with my ma ❤️

2. Seeing my friends makes me happy and I don’t mean bumping into my gay best friend while he’s out walking his dog or having a walk in the park trying to have a conversation over the four year old! I mean having afternoon tea out with them, or sitting in a hotel having coffee and having a good catch up face to face without scrolling through Facebook to see what they’ve been used to!

3. Days out with my boys; and I know we are going to hillier on a regular basis but it’s all outdoors which is great but it will be good to go somewhere different. I am especially looking forward to taking William on a train or a bus because this would be so exciting for him!

4. Getting my hair permed just before lockdown was such a good idea making my life so much easier but I never realised how much the perm would grow out. I am so grateful to say that next Wednesday I will no longer have to try and disguise my half permed hair!!

Sunglasses are a great way to hide it, but not when you need to be wearing them because the sun is so bright!!

5. I am looking forward to my brother getting married and moving to France! Not because he irritates me that much that I want him to move further away (love him really) He and my lovely future sister in law were due to get married and move last year but instead all that got postponed and on top of that he lost his job. So for both of them I am looking forward to their new adventures!

So come join me and tell me what you’re looking forward to once we have all had the vaccine and things (relatively) get back to some sort of normality??


  1. Thanks for the mention 😄😄 the big ones are desperate to get back to Brownies/Guides and the little ones want to get back to soft play! For now they will have to make do with getting back to our 2nd home and seeing all their caravan friends 💓

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