What superpower would YOU choose?

It started a while back, but it seemed to have got more and more powerful as time as gone on, no it’s not the need to drink more wine (because THAT happened years ago!). The first time I noticed it was when he started to watch other something other than Paw Patrol and started watching PJ Masks. Then purely because of lockdown we made the decision to get Disney+ because Netflix didn’t seem to be enough for him, they only have 3 seasons on there and I could not do another 156 seven minute episodes of Grizzy and the Lemmings, seriously if you value your life and you think Paw Patrol is bad do not touch this.

If we’re honest here, I am sure Mike wanted to watch the Mandelorian which I don’t blame him, he has been a Star Wars fan since he was that 10 year old boy that played with his SW figurines. Before you ask, no we don’t have them anymore, I’m sure if we did and they were in pristine condition we would be rich!

When the weather turned cold and wet, Disney+ was a better option and William started to get into Miles from Tomorrow which was an animation about a child who lived in space with his family and a pet ostrich Merc (don’t ask). However watching this with him seemed to be less annoying and it was nice that we’d moved on to something else, but that was just a tease because apparently Paw Patrol was STILL his favourite!

Miraculous Ladybug S04: Release Date and More - VideoTapeNews

One day on Disney+ he asked if he could watch something called Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. I looked and saw that it was a 6+ so with this in mind the standard procedure is to sit with him and watch it first and actually thought it wasn’t that bad. A story of two Parisian teenagers (Marinette & Adrien) who transform into superheroes to protect Paris from supervillains that are created by the main villain Hawk Moth. In all honesty I’ve actually ended up watching a few episodes myself and I love the animation in it (I’ve always had a love for the Manga animation since I was a teenager) and it’s quite an easy thing to watch.

However the downside to watching something your son is also interested in is that he thinks you want to talk about this programme all the time, isn’t it enough that he has corrected me soooo many times on how to say Hawk Moth (it did actually sound like he said Hock Moss to begin with). But today (like every other day) he’s given a new set of super powers which has been sent to him via ANYTHING (more recently it has been the fridge magnets).

Apparently his days spent at his Forest preschool he has super powers and passes them on to all the other children and they transform in to superheroes and make everything…..oh yeah hang on I forget I’m writing a blog here, wouldn’t wait you to think I actually enjoyed watching kids programmes!

You remember Superman? How many times did you watch it thinking; ‘how do they NOT realise that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person??’ I know it’s just a film/television programme blah blah but even so, they are twins!!

The same goes for Ladybug and Cat Noir, they’re teenagers in the SAME school and they see each other ALL THE TIME?? Ladybug and Marinette are never in the same room together or the fact that Adrien and Cat Noir are the exactly the same build with the same hair?

which is which I hear you ask??

So William is always asking me what super powers I want, in fact every day he is asking both of us. My first reaction is to laugh and then when realising he is actually being serious I have to think about this, I mean if I could have any superpower what would it be?

Invisibility? “No mummy that super power isn’t for grown ups, that’s just for children.” Is that so they do what they want and mummy and daddy not realise they’re doing it?

To fly? “You can only fly when we’re in the car and I make the car fly!” Right, so I don’t have a flying licence you don’t have a driving licence but apparently we can get in a car and fly to grandma and grandads house?

How about the ability to freeze things? You can totally see where I’m going with this can’t you? “No mummy, you have to have water power!” Great, what the tuck am I going to do with water power? Wash my car? Actually don’t answer that.

Seriously this boy has an answer for EVERYTHING, I can’t even have the superpower I want so I’m going to be a miserable mum and sit here and say “Then no I don’t want to play your game anymore!”

William with his super powered wand!

It would be so much easier if he wasn’t so god damn cute!


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