Welcome April

On a Thursday when I drop off William at preschool I have an hour or so to myself and if the weather is nice I choose to go for a walk and take in the fresh air before I start work. This morning however, was deceiving because I only wore a jersey top, it was frigging cold out there. It didn’t matter how fast I walked my poor hands were blue and now I’m struggling to type!

So hey, April, how are you doing? Long time no see, although last time we saw you we were stuck in 24/7 with a 3 year old, you were warmer too so we spent quite some time out in the garden. My hair roots started to go grey and I had started drinking and eating more, my job changed from mum and wife to hairdresser, teacher and counselor. I was working funny hours due to having to work from home, we were lucky enough to work for somewhere that looks after their staff being more flexible for us to work around William and his tantrums….ahem I mean his life.

Seven o’clock in the evening is Williams bedtime, the time also that Mike and I would pass out on the sofa and sometimes not put anything on the telly because we just couldn’t literally move. We were in bed most nights by 8.30-9, lightweight is the word you’re looking for by the way. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have more than one child, or even pets?!

So April, here we are again, however lockdown has eased quite a bit significantly because no we can have a group of 6 people together outside. I can happily go and see my mum, or meet a friend and go for a walk in the park (which by the way is sooooo busy!) It’s nice to know that I can go and sit in my folks garden with a cuppa and have some home made fruit cake that my mumma has made and put the worlds to rights while William throws the toy for the dog (in reality that lasts about five minutes until he gets bored of that!)

This month however, we have so much to look forward to!

The first thing I’m looking forward to is getting my hair done, I was happy colouring and trimming it myself (not very well I hasten to add) but my perm is growing out. I have a years worth of growth (about three inches) so too much to curl it and not enough to straighten it, I straightened it to trim it and the boys said they didn’t like it. Funny because William didn’t like it when I first got it permed, what it is about him and not liking change??

Then from 12th April non-essential shops will be open which means that Primark will be back in business which means I will be avoiding town AT ALL COSTS. Also, there’s no need to panic about them running out of stock because the the four hundred meter container ship made it out of the Suez Canal!

I may venture in over May or June at nine o’clock on a weekday morning, but I’m still ‘online’ shopping for now! Gyms will open, so yeah that won’t affect me at all! I will look forward to taking William to the zoo or some sort of outdoor attraction, meet up with friends and be able to have a proper face to face conversation with my besties.

On a serious note, I was reading an article (yes I actually had time to read) this morning and it concerned me that our finances are going to change even more so. Things like are TV licence fee will increase, so people unfortunately are going to suffer even more. Like we’ve not already been through enough this year, but I’m going to leave this here because we all should be prepared because let’s face it we weren’t really prepared for last year were we?

I’m prepared, really prepared to eat lots of chocolate over the next few days 🙂

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