Mum truth

William why won’t you even try, most nights I feel the need cry.

It’s normally because I’m so friggin tired, but tonight young man it was like you were wired!

After I told you three or more times not to hit me, you did it again and by then I needed more than a cup of tea.

Why on earth do you think it’s a game, the idea that you smile it’s as if you’ve no shame.

You are supposed to be my miracle boy, not a child from a family whom he wants to destroy.

I talk proudness of you most days, with social media full of cute pictures and praise.

I feel such a fake when I have evenings like this, when you go to bed in a bad mood with not even a goodnight kiss.

So I think I’m just going to sulk tonight and think, and then eventually give in and make myself a stiff drink.

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