National Awkward Moments Day

So this morning my snoopy calendar informed me that it’s NAMD, no I am not typing that all out again! I only noticed it by accident and it made me think about the times I’ve had those awkward moments, the times when I really wish the ground would swallow me up or that I just have the ability to make myself invisible.

These sort of moments are those moments you want to forget so it’s taken me a while to think back to the most awkward moments I have had in my life. I had to really poke around in the archive tucked away in my head this time.


Back when I was a teenager like most teenagers I thought I knew it all, my attitude absolutely stunk. My poor mum had a lot to contend with already without my hormones flying all over the place! I had just learnt a few swear words but for some reason ‘tosser’ was not one of them, so it was pretty awkward when I called my dad one. In my defence I didn’t know what it meant till a year later…..


I had two crushes at school, one of them was the super cleverest in the class. I managed to hide that one (till now), but my major one was in the year above me. I was on the school netball team whilst he was on the school football team (he actually went on to become a professional footballer and played for a former premier league team!)

Every fortnight we had tournaments and we all travelled together, and everytime I would sit in front of him on the school bus and listen to his voice talking about football and music. One particular day he even let me listen to his Walkman, Simply Red was what I remember listening to (ah those were the days!)

So when I got on the school bus one day and waved me over I couldn’t believe my luck! as I got closer with a big stupid grin on my face he was looking behind me. Yes you guessed it he was actually waving at another girl. I seriously wanted the ground to swallow me up!

So that was me and crushes done with, I soon got over it (or did I?)


Then there was the crush in college, it’s funny that this is another one of those moments that involves a crush. He was on the rugby team and I, well I wasn’t in a team but I tried to be a bit of an indie chick because he was into indie music…and even looked like Kurt Cobain.

It was in the college canteen, he was sat with his friends and I was queuing up for some kind of refreshment….probably an energy drink of some description! When I turned to walk out he looked right at me, this was my chance to get his attention. So I straightened my back and that’s when it happened, somehow my laces got caught on the hooks in the opposite boot and I fell flat on my face. When I fell I actually felt like crying, but I actually rolled over laughing because everyone else was laughing. I flew, I literally flew and it was a miracle I didn’t head butt any of the chairs or tables but I got up laughing. I historically fake laughed all the way to the smoking shed (oh yes we had one of those!)

They were the most memorable times in my life that were the most awkward for me. However I have had many more, of course I have but I won’t divulge all of them. A, because this would be a lonnnnng blog post and B, I don’t want to go over the other ones in my head and it’s embarrassing for all parties.

The top three after these are; forgetting underwear on a holiday to Venice, being on a flight and not being able to put the table down over my stomach and also sitting on a layer of fragile pictures under a duvet on a bed at a house party to snog someone. Damn you alcohol for doing that to me!!!!

I’ve re-read this and now realise these are more embarrassing moments rather than awkward, but do you know what? I think people need something to laugh at at a time like this at the moment so hope it gave you a laugh!

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