One Year Anniversary

So today last year was when I got a phone call from my boss telling me that we would be working from home and did I need anything from the office. A whole year ago to the day!

I don’t know where the last year has gone, and at the time of when this all started I honestly believed we would be back in the office by Easter…boy how wrong was I. In that time not only have we had a lockdown Easter but everyone has experienced a lockdown birthday, Christmas and new year. Not much of a celebration for some, others saved money, and then there’s the minority who was actually quite happy not to see anyone and to be reminded of being another year older. This was not me, however my birthday doesn’t really get much of a celebration because William celebrates three days after mine and my husbands is 3 days after Williams. Mine just gets forgotten about.

But seriously thinking about each month throughout the last year it seems that we all faced challenges every single week, and is it me or the did the weeks go really quick and still are? I’ve never had my weeks go so quick, they say it’s because we’re busy (which is very very true) so does that mean life will slow down a bit when I run out of things to do (like that would EVER happen.)

The first half of the lockdown was a bit novel for many, I think people were thinking positively and thinking what a great time to concentrate on a hobby, health plan or even a great opportunity to relax because they lead a particularly busy lifestyle. I spent the time wondering what I’d be doing if we had gone into lockdown without a child, I’m sure it would’ve been so much easier. Many mums on social media were saying what a lovely opportunity it was to spend time with their children, which I did agree with… to a point.

Most of the time when I spent time with William he didn’t want to go for a walk, or out at all and just wanted to play hide and seek, trouble is we were running out of places to hide and seek. I tried my damn hardest to do something every day with him, but after a while it got very tiring and all I wanted to do was sit in my pijamas all day.

I remember when lockdown begun I planned and created a timetable of events so that William was doing something different everyday. I was trying to be organised, knowing now what I didn’t know then I wish I’d saved my energy and just spent time doing every day stuff with him. However, I have become quite an expert at lego and building vehicles which I can now add to my CV….I’m sure my boss will be impressed! Have also discovered that the tablet is only a great babysitter when it works! (That’s another story!)

Back last year we purchased a second hand garden play house with slide, chuffed with the fact that we managed to get a bargain thinking we were being prepared for the summer and having his friends around to play. Although it was a god send to have that once we’d put that up in the garden and it actually encouraged him (believe it or not) to go outside! (I know right? A forest school boy too!?)

Then there was the sleeping, or lack of. We were lucky enough to have flexible bosses as well as me being part time so we actually managed to work our hours over the five day working week. I really feel for others with kids in lockdown that were unable to do this. Trouble is William wasn’t sleeping which meant neither were we and we really struggled.

That all seems so long ago now, things seem to be getting back to some sort of a routine. I even have a hair appointment booked in April and my year old perm will be renewed then and I can’t wait.

Well what a year it has been for all of us, how has your lockdown been? I think I can safely say in the history books there’ll be more lockdown lows than a lockdown highs!

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