THE interview, and those rescue chickens!

Hey how is everyone? I’m wondering, if you happened to see the interview that was on recently, shown in both the UK and US. It was a famous couple, he’s some dude called Harvey, Harley or night even be Henry and her name began in M, maybe Madge or Mabel??

This interview was the most watched interview apparently, I’m not sure why….did you watch it? It was very tense, and how lovely that they had rescue chickens and not bought new ones. You know I do like a free range boiled egg on a Sunday morning….I wonder how they have theirs, sunny side up??

There is no easy way to say this but I have an opinion, I know shocking right?? Don’t worry I’m not going to go all Piers Morgan on you (now THAT was the silver lining in all this!). However, I watched this and I’m not a royalist, and I’m definitely NOT against the Royal Family as they’ve brought so much revenue to this country as well as making this country what it is. I am actually proud to live where I do, and knowing that the Qi is only an hours car journey away I would love to pop round for a cup of tea but she does understand that I am a very busy lady what with working part time, running a house and trying to battle with a four year old boy most days (and she would know, she’s been through it, right?)

Royal Residences | Windsor Castle -
It’s glorious isn’t it, looking at Windsor Castle

I think whatever would’ve happened in this whole situation someone was bound to get hurt, angered or (like Mabel) suicidal. I have felt depressed before, and I do remember at one point in my life feeling suicidal and it’s the worst feeling (for people that know me this was way way back in my teenage days). She actually hit home (not just with me) when she was told she couldn’t leave the home and had to stay in 24 hours 7 days a week sometimes alone, and we all kind of know what that feels like at the moment with lockdown. Obviously not so much now, but those first few months when we were literally not going anywhere apart from the garden!

It is sad that she had no one to turn to, but did anyone that she went to actually thought they would get away with not helping her? I mean seriously, I know this Family is a huge institution (some might say corrupt but who isn’t nowadays?) but it is awful that they couldn’t help Mabel. The accusations that were made towards ‘unnamed’ individuals had me listing all the members of the royal family in my head. I’m not surprised there’s some racism, I mean it’s still unfortunately in the world. I think in this day and age I wish everyone was just treated the same with no special treatment.

That’s one expensive Christmas!

Qi has always comes across as a lovely little old lady. Hasn’t she already been through so much? Loosing her mum in such a public way coming up to 19 years ago, the ups and downs of her descendants and their very public lives. Three of her children have publicly divorced, having a son with sexual allegations hanging over him, having grandchildren and great grandchildren that she wants to see probably more often than she can? And of course more recently having her husband in and out of hospital.

Listing all the family I am trying to imagine any of them saying the things they allegedly said, but having said that I don’t know any of them and even what they sound like? Huge respect for Mabel and Henry not saying who said it, but why say it at all? Why didn’t they just say “Things were said that we’re not happy about.” Henry didn’t say much to start with but once he found his voice he was able to (almost but conscientiously) speak his mind, Mabel was confident with what she was saying but to say she was naive about the families history and the rules of the constitution I find it hard to believe.

There a lot of people speculating and trying to reassemble in their heads as to what the repercussions will be of all this, but the one person I feel sorry for in all this is the Qi. All she wanted was her family around her and to be able to enjoy watching them all grow up, instead of that she’s always had to rule the Monarch.

I wonder if she sits down each night and thinks she’s had enough of it all? Maybe she just wants to sit in her PJs with a large gin and watch Ant and Dec on telly without having to make any decisions, and are these decisions purely made by her or does she have people telling her what to do? I did also wonder as she’s had this all her life does she know how normal people live to be honest….unless she watches Eastenders??

All names were changed to protect the innocent.

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