International women’s day

I’m using today to choose not to brag that I’m a woman, not to share a number of female Instagram accounts who I think I know but here is 8 women I’ve had in my life for a number of years that I think need recognition today.

My mum, no explanation required.

My best friend of 27 years, Emma. She has such a lovely family, her children have turned out to be lovely young adults, her and her husband get so much credit for that. Not only that she is one of the most caring people I know and we are lucky to have her as godmother to William.

My other best friend of 25 years Karen, she is amazing and with what she’s been through one of the strongest woman I know. Also so so happy that William can call her his godmother.

My scouse friend Jennie, we’ve been friends over thirty years and she lives in the Lake District with her 3 girls and she’s raising them into lovely young ladies and they all share the sense of adventure their mum has as well as that she is running her own business of holiday lodges that she lets out.

My friend Kelli who I’ve known 12 years, who has become such a good friend and a hard worker and I’m proud to call her my friend. She has been there for me in many ways and I hope I can bring William up in the way she did with her son because he’s turned into a lovely young man!

My friend Lorna, we’ve been friends 17 years. She has been such a supportive friend over the years, so caring and will drop anything to be there for the ones she loves.

Living life to the full before she became a wonderful mum to Chloe

My mother in law, she didn’t know what to make of me when she first met me I was quite brash compared to what she was used to. She once told me I was the best thing that had ever happened to her son but she wished I didn’t drink so much 😆. Nowadays she is always offering to have William anytime knowing how much he tires me out.

And finally, I couldn’t go without mentioning this one, Michelle…we’ve been friends from the first day we started working together 7 years ago. She was there for me in so many ways through one of my miscarriages, IVF treatment and she’s always been there with such amazing advice. And of course she was the last person I saw before they took me in to have my c-section when William was born bringing me lavender to keep me calm.

All these women are the women that’s made me who I am, so if you like me you can thank them for helping me become the person I am ❤️


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