Anxiety and Lockdown eases

If someone had said a few years ago that Sunday nights would be my new Friday I would’ve laughed in their face. Unfortunately having William home for 9 months 24/7 has made love Monday mornings and I’m almost skipping off to my day job.

However today for the first time in a while I have felt so much better, whether it’s the weather (see what I did there) or maybe it’s because I wore make-up today for the first time in almost a year? Who knows! But I know but it’s nice to start feeling like I can do my hair and make up and make an effort rather than just living in leggings and putting my hair up!

It was nice to go out and be a bit relaxed and relieved knowing that Mike can’t get covid my whole body would tense when we go out for worry but I feel so much better now that he’s had the vaccine.

I also watched William today for the first time in a long time, seeing how much he’s grown and felt a bit of guilt because I’d missed so much due to his (almost felt like) constant bad behaviour (which resulted in me not wanting to participate in activities with him). He was telling me today that ivy was poisonous, explaining what nocturnal meant and that when he gets to preschool tomorrow he’s going to sing happy birthday to his best friend ‘other’ William ❤️

So….good vibes from this weekend, all my muscles that are normally tensed up in dread of the week ahead has now been replaced with relaxed muscles (and that’s not because I’ve had a few glasses of wine!)

I am looking forward to seeing Williams happy face in the morning when he remembers he’s going to be in the woods at forest school with his friends tomorrow and the thought of being able to come home get a coffee and get stuck into work being able to fully concentrate with less anxieties.

Hope you’re all having good a Sunday night too and looking forward to the week ahead . And if you’re not, sending extra positive vibes your way and hope things get better for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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