Parenting with a sense of humour!

Nothing prepares you for parenting, you can read all the books in the world and still not be completely ready. I’m 45 and having watched 4 other sets of parents over the last 20 odd years thinking I was ready, I really wasn’t prepared for this!

I said to my mum recently,“I’ve got another idea for a book I’m working on.” Ready to explode with my idea.

“Are you going to be one of the writers that writes about parenting now you’ve got a child?” I choked on my coffee because she actually wasn’t joking.“Mum I am not.”“Thank goodness for that!” Am I really that bad?

I’ve been blogging for 8 years and in the last 4 of those my posts have 99% been about William, so I could see why she thought that.
It did get me thinking though what would I say in a parenting book anyway? As a parent I would suggest to be stocked up with coffee and chocolate, make sure you have ear plugs and the most important one always have wine in the house??

I think I’d call it “I am in control.” 😂

Then I would write a book about a boy called William who runs the house, telling his mummy and daddy what to do all the time!

Today he actually said to me,“I’m in charge.”

He was pretending to be a teacher and we were the pupils, but I still fell about laughing. My straight face came back and said, “no William you’re not in charge.” And I walked away smiling to myself, I know he’s clever but he won’t bloody win!

And that is my parenting style, have a fecking sense of humour because boy you will absofuckinglutely need it!!!!!

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