Umberella ella ella

It’s been a clearing out week as we’ve just had someone’s birthday 🎂 and he has grown a bit more and his clothes are starting to get shorter!

Anyhoo, I love a bargain and picked up 4 bags of second hand clothing for him. Such a bargain and some really nice clothes (even some paw patrol and minion themed stuff which he absolutely loved!)

When he saw the amount of it all he couldn’t believe his eyes, getting excited telling me that Jacob, grandma, grandad, nanny and grandad will be really impressed with his new ‘gear’ 🤣

What surprised me though was the Spider-Man umbrella. The lady who sold me the clothes gave it to me and said “every little boy needs his own umbrella!” His face when I got it out of the boot of my car this morning, one of his faithful toy cars that he was as taking out today got thrusted in daddy’s hand. “Daddy hold this, I’ve got an umbrella!” He almost screamed and Mike and I looked at each other speechless 😶

This went with him everywhere we went today, although I took it off him at one point in the car before he caused a crash! He was one little happy boy, wow if I’d have known that an umbrella could make him this excited…I’d have got one sooner 😂☔️

“I’ve got Batman’s umbrella!”

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