Birthday boy ❤️

The phrase “we have our health and happiness” has been going around in my head today quite a bit. People out there have serious illnesses, people catching covid and people out there unhappy because of loosing their jobs, homes unable to move on with their lives…

I feel extremely lucky that we’ve got our family around us. I have friends that have family abroad, in particular a friend who’s mum is terminal living in Cyprus and she knows she won’t get to hold her again.

But today we celebrated another healthy happy year, William was 4 and we both have the grey hair to prove it too. Life can be a rollercoaster but as Ronan once said “just ride it!”

I know it was hard not to have all our family and friends round to see him so I managed to get them all to do a little video, so each person that we would’ve seen for his birthday at any other time had their own special message for him and it was lovely, I tried not to cry but it was hard. He laughed, held me tighter and cuddled me after and said he missed everyone.

Then tonight when I put him to bed I asked him if he’d enjoyed his day and he said “yes mummy and I loved seeing everyone.” He is such a caring boy, love him and we enjoyed having a few hours playing with his new toys tonight before he went to bed ❤️

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