Emptying my thoughts of these recent events!

Been a while hasn’t it? I’ve not actually sat at my laptop and done any proper writing for more than I can remember (10th August actually, my last post!) Time is just flying by like I’ve never known, I know they say the days get quicker as you get older but I really do feel like life is going at least 100 miles an hour and that’s well over the speed limit!

So what have you been doing over these few weeks? I’m one of the lucky ones to still be gainfully employed and working from home but unfortunately there are those that aren’t as lucky. Friends are being furloughed and now being told they don’t have a job to go back to, my brother unfortunately had to postpone his wedding, his house move fell through and then he lost his job. Others have their own businesses that are falling apart and then another friend who’s lost her job, had her husband leave her and now she’s (almost) homeless. It really does put things into perspective, I mean everyone has their own individual issues and problems with this lockdown. I’ve had a 3 year old at home with tantrums, not understanding why he can’t see anyone. A husband of ill heath awaiting heart surgery, isolating and looking after both sets of our parents who were also self isolating. But do you know what? There is always someone else a lot worse off and that’s the thought I have to keep in my head when things get too much.

On a happier note, just under 3 weeks ago I had laser eye surgery. I did it! Finally after so many years of wearing contact lenses and having a prescription of -9.50 I now have 20/20 vision which I’ve not had since I was 9 years old which is just bloody amazing. Little things like having a shower and being able to see the the difference in what bottles I’m using without putting my face so close to the bottle that I knock it over! Then there’s getting out of bed when William gets me up at night (I’m still putting my hand out to to grab my glasses, but then and smile to myself when I realise I don’t need them).

I am (as always) still tired most of the time, but isn’t every parent? William is getting more and more energetic and not showing any signs of calming (the feck) down, which has been a nightmare in lockdown! Then a friend suggested Rugby tots where her little boy goes and we started that last week and it was great, although he didn’t quite agree *eye roll*. All he wanted to do was his own thing and play catch and throw, which is fine but there’s other stuff you do. I went prepared wearing sports bra and trainers and managed to get a good workout from it, I could see the other parents giving me a wide eyed look wondering what the hell I was doing but they were skinny and their children weren’t half as hyper as mine. I could put a rocket up Williams backside and he still didn’t move as much, however if I run he runs and it’s a different story. For some reason if I mention chase or race that’s it, he will take off like Concorde (best way to get him to bed currently!)

I’ve had this last week off work (shush don’t tell William!) I intended to do some writing, but that didn’t happen (yes that book isn’t going to write itself I know!). But I did fulfil every mothers dream and had a restful week, just chilling and spending time with my thoughts, watching a bit of daytime tv and some quality time with my mum whilst William was apparently on his best behaviour at his new Pre-School!

Then there was #DDD aka digital detox day, anyone else do it? I did it, a whole 24 hours without social media and I actually thought I would find it hard but I really didn’t. In fact I did quite enjoy not having the pressure of putting up a post or uploading stories on instagram, I didn’t worry about loosing followers (not that I have many) so I found it quite refreshing. It has made me realise that actually I don’t need lot of followers, but I enjoy the interaction more and I love the messages of support I get and being able to ask advice from other parents.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still worried about this rise in numbers in covid cases. My friend who works in a huge Swedish home store is working alongside the public and a lot of them still are not social distancing. She is travelling daily on a bus full of people that are half wearing masks (some of them wearing it just over their chin, what the hell is that about?!). It is so hard not to sit here and rant and procrastinate about this subject, but I’m not going to be that opinionated person today.

Why wearing masks may be the way forward | Financial Times

I’ve put a ban on rants in our house, we have a rant about the news for half an hour in the evening after William goes to bed then that is it. If either of us talks politics, covid, news or anything that involves having a moan then we have a forfeit. Neither of us have had the forfeit yet, but I get the feeling it will be him before me!

I’m still trying to keep my diary for William up to date, between writing him weekly emails for him to read when he’s older I’ve also been putting the ‘lockdown diary’ together for him with pictures of events. Admittedly it is hard to get motivated though with the current climate, does anyone know of any persons that isn’t going through some sort of depression right now??

The main thing for me this week was William starting at a new pre-school, another chapter in his life has begun. He is still attending forest preschool one day a week but he is now going to a community preschool in the village, because we decided that it would be good to prepare him for school having a year in an indoor setting and we’ve been told how lovely this one is and has a real sense of community.

I don’t know about other parents, but spending all this time with him over the last few months have been stressful (big up to those with more than one rugrat!) but we’ve really seen him blossom into this lovely caring young boy and it wasn’t till he started at the preschool I actually realised that I wasn’t biased. On Thursday he came home with a certificate, they call it a rainbow award which is given to a child every week for special behaviour. I was so proud of him (and cried later when he wasn’t looking), he is already turning into the young boy I’d hoped he would and it really is mind blowing watching him.

Not saying he’s the most well behaved child, because for us at home he can be really naughty but I really think that going to this new preschool is beginning to show. He’s maturing but still manages to get me in tears a few times a week (not in front of him), but the fact that he is back in preschool is my saving grace!

I think I have emptied my thoughts, well almost but I really don’t want to go on about the same things…I mean who wants to hear about my endless battle with managing trying to finish the decorating we started a few weeks ago? Who cares that my ironing pile is nearly the height of the house? And actually nobody cares that I’m on the shakes regularly to make up for the fact that I’m drinking wine most weekends!

Just one more thought, I know masks are uncomfortable, it sucks staying in doors all the time and all you want to do is go back to your social life. However the more we go out with or without masks and hand gel the more this virus gets spread, leaving the more that vulnerable people having to stay in (such as the elderly) and some of them don’t have family they can rely on. Some of them look forward to their weekly shop, visit to church or to pick up their daily newspaper (because they don’t have smart phones or the internet at home) because that is the only chance they get to socialise. So please can you only go out if you really need to?


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