A sweaty but fun play date!

The idea of play dates to be honest used to fill me with dread like some of the baby and toddler groups, you see it was the fear. This fear came in all shapes and sizes and mine was hearing someone else having a child who was younger and more energetic (I was 41 when I had william). The fear of the other mummy’s being more hands-on and the mummy’s that’s look down at you when your child is having a tantrum!

Nowadays (thanks to social media) the truth comes out and some mums do share the reality of motherhood and how lonely and frustrating it can be, including myself.

Do you a ticket to ride my tractor?

This little young man with William was a wee baby the last time they saw each other, they used to do a sing and sign group years ago. His mumma and her friend made me feel very welcome to the motherhood scene, instantly putting me at ease.

Seriously man, get a ticket first.

But this play date was a lovely couple of hours of discussing the boys and realising how one minute they can be cute and innocent the next they really are little buggers! It was refreshing to be able to chat to another mum who also felt like she didn’t know what to do about the behaviour, it’s a fecking minefield 🤦🏼‍♀️

William is struggling with saying goodbye at the moment, it’s a compliment that he was having too much fun!

Quick question: Does anyone else have or has this with their children? When it’s time to say goodbye they get in a strop?

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