Day 144

So it’s 143 days since when we decided to self isolate from life, that day when we came to the conclusion (husband has a heart condition) that we needed to stay home. This was just 4 days before our prime minister Boris Johnson (Donald trumps weaker brother according to some) announced it.

I have started writing a book for William for when he is older, he won’t remember much about what has happened in this time. When I realised what a huge part of our lives and part of history this would be was when I started it and every week I’ve been adding to it.

In reality it’s a bloody thorn in my side, it’s one of things I started and feel so guilty if I don’t continue with it on a regular basis! Something else I’ve added to my weekly chores, I just hope he appreciates it!

Sarcasm alert

It’s ok because it’s my endless love for my little boy and he’s the only one I have, I mean why would I want anymore when he’s such a joy to be around. Only yesterday a friends husband said to me “oh he’s really good.” My response was “oh yes he is a good boy, with everyone else.” In my head I was saying ‘swap?’

Also I have been ‘trying’ to make the most of my time together with him before next year when he starts school, because then it will only be the weekends I get to spend time with him.

I’m ‘trying’

The only problem with that is he won’t be told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. So yes he wants his breakfast on a blue plate when there is no clean blue ones and yes he wants to help mummy with the hoovering when it is so heavy that when he drops it it lands on my bloody toe!

I thought I’d have a go at trying to teach him basic numbers and letters, he’s always looking for something challenging (unlike his mummy!). However that was good to start with until he realised it wasn’t that fun, so that all got trashed! And all that time I spent laminating! (Yes I have my own laminator)

The only thing that was kinda successful was the outdoor type stuff, but he is a forest schooler at heart bless him. We have pressed flowers, pulled weeds (he now knows more than me in the garden), had picnics, built dens and we have had lots of walks in the countryside. (So lucky with the weather)

Yes, the little swine chased me with this stick that is bigger than he is!

The only thing I haven’t enjoyed about this time spent with him is the bad behaviour, most of the time he has been ok but we did get to a stage of him hitting, biting and kicking me. I have never felt so mentally and physically drained, I wish I’d listened to my mum and taken her advice (she will love me saying that). She was offering advice and support when I should’ve listened but I thought I knew best, he was my little miracle boy. They always says mums the word, is that what it means??

But also this time we’ve done some home improvements, nothing major because we obviously don’t have a money tree (how cool would that be?). Mainly decorative stuff and our bedroom now has the huge built-in wardrobe/closet and for once in my life I have space for extra clothes!

Next thing I’m going to try is to get him in my parents swimming pool, the last time we tried he screamed so loud that all the windows in a 5 mile radius smashed! Well actually it was my eardrums that suffered and I’ve not taken him in since but today was a success!

I’m hoping now that as he’s happy to get in the pool maybe we can get back to swimming lessons, I won’t get too carried away but it could all fall apart but I might as well make the most of it while he likes it in the pool…right?

Splash me again and I’ll splash you back!

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