After Life

It’s such an understated title for such an amazing program, one guy who loses his wife whom he cannot imagine life without. Ricky Gervais has such an amazing way of showing what life could it would be when you lose the one thing you love.

I’ll be honest, I never really took to The Office. I wondered if it was because my sense of humour wasn’t mature enough at the time. By this I mean I found comedy funny, but the high commercial American sitcoms comedy like Friends. However I will try and revisit this as I enjoyed Extras.

However when my husband said this was supposed to be good I took note (his intuition is normally quite good with stuff like this) so we gave it a go. Normally when we start something new we have to give it to the 2nd or 3rd episode to really get into it but this was instant, I was hooked from the start!

I think because it was so real and so true to life was what first did it for me, although in my world the C word doesn’t get used. It’s more of the F word and at the moment it’s fudge, because of the 3 year old!

Disclaimer: when I say fudge I also use other words, this week it’s been ‘oh white van man’ ‘broke back mountain’ and ‘phone charger’. Seriously I expect the boy gets confused!

I’m so very lucky enough to say that I’ve never had anyone so close to me to have died. I was devastated when I lost one of my closest friends just over a year ago, so I cannot imagine what it would be like to loose someone like a partner.

Every episode I really felt like I was getting to know Tony a bit more, I loved him a bit more and if he didn’t look like my brother (true story) so much I probably would of actually been attracted to him because I felt sorry for him so much.

I loved the characters too, loved that they weren’t the ‘run of the mill’ normal characters but I’m getting the impression that’s how Ricky works after watching Extras. I love how he brings Ashley Jensen to the show too, love her in everything she’s done and she’s such a great actress (she was the best friend I wanted in Ugly Betty)

Not sure if it was just me but I found the second season more emotional, I was trying to tell myself it was because of how I was feeling at the moment as a result of the isolation but it wasn’t, I really think it was because Ricky Gervais wrote this so god damn well.

My new found (ahem) love for him (aka enjoyment of what he does) has got me seeing what else he’s done and stumbled across (via google search) a podcast he recently did with Fearne Cotton.

Listening to it yesterday to drown out the constant noise that William provides for me at the moment on a daily basis helped me get through an hour of yesterday and made me realise that I should be living in the moment.

I’m not going to get all philosophical or anything, but it’s more of a personal thing for me because all I do is plan and these last few weeks had me realising you can never plan anything! This year we had two holidays planned, laser eye surgery and improvements to our house and it’s all taken a back seat now. It’s fine, and I am not complaining because there are people that are actually suffering as a result of what’s going on (twenty thousand deaths in the UK the last time I checked).

So I’ve been trying to make the most of a bad situation at the moment. Trying to enjoy my time with William (minus the tantrums and meltdowns) and just spend time watching how much he does know rather than trying to encourage him to do more. Letting him do the stuff he wants to do (within reason) and let him get on with it unless it’s dangerous to himself or anyone else (pick your own battles in the phrase.) I’m not going to let him run riot or anything like that but we’re already stressed so why make it even more stressful?! Not only that when he’s older and more independent I think he won’t want to sit and watch tv, do drawing and play doh with his mum.

So thank you Ricky for writing such an important and poignant programme. I think this came at the perfect moment in my life and I highly recommend all to watch this as a reminder that life is so so precious and we’re only put on this earth for so long. We might as well as enjoy it for as much as we can, right?

He is so smug, but he has reason to be

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