Reflection of 2019, but so many directions

It’s a poignant title, but it’s pretty much how I felt about 2019.  I want to reflect, on the good things, however some of the direction of moments of the year were not so good.  Getting through the years anxiety and bereavement was difficult, but the happy memories helped with that.

The most memorable things about 2019 for me, ups and downs for all I’m sure you’ll agree. In March I lost my friend Linda who I miss daily, her texts still in my phone that she’d previously sent me. Grief can be so hard this time of year, it helps having my friends and family near.

In April my niece gave birth to gorgeous Ruby Mary, she smiles like an angel and her eyes sparkle like a fairy. Just like her mummy she has an infectious giggle, like a tune that makes you want to have a wriggle!

September was an emotional time of the year, loosing my grandmother who had no fear. Memories of my weekends growing up, wearing her heels dresses and playing dress up!

In September my toddler turned into a little boy, now at preschool which he really does enjoy.    Always coming home covered in mud, the washing machine using enough water to start a flood! Most of the time when I hang out the washing, stones in his pockets I could do without discovering.

After an office move in September and change of my job, I looked forward to a working life without the old mob. I always had a love for the literacy and arts,  so worked it out well and I’m now in new parts.

The holidays we have had with such vivid memories, of the ‘Toddler in tow’ cruise sailing overseas. Conclusions that our trip to Cornwall in comparison was a breeze.

A glass in my hand wondering where 2020 is heading, I shall be looking forward to my big brothers wedding. Officially excited to welcome his wife to the brood, taking us all on, we owe so much gratitude. Gaining someone we all adore, the family are close and she joins our rapport.

I will conclude this with an open mind and would love to hear about yours but please be kind.  I wish you and yours best wishes for the new year, a change in your life or even a different career. If you give something up to take something on, whatever you choose make it your own phenomenon.

Personally the only New Years resolutions I will make, will be “Annabel stop making unrealistic ones for goodness sake!”