An ode to my nan

My nan passed away last week, it was almost a shock. More really because she had lived to 102, it only seems like yesterday she had her 100th birthday party at her whist group when William wasn’t even a year old and we thought she was going to live forever and she even talked about what she would do for her 105th birthday..


I’m not doing any sort of reading or poetry at the funeral, I’m going to leave that to others who can public speak confidently.  I will miss her in my own way, but as a writer and blogger my creative side desperately needs to help me move on so I wrote a poem in ode to my nan.

“Your nan died” my mum had told me, but she got to 102 (I thought which was good), her name was Ruby.

She had a twin sister called pearl, and lived in Eastleigh as a little girl.

Then one day as an adult she married my grandad, the daughter came first then they had a lad.  

Then when my grandad Arthur died in 1988, after her tears she needed something new on her plate.

She took up ballroom dancing where she became really fit, but she was still our granny that would regularly knit.

She loved going to the USA, she also shared her birthday with Independence Day! She always loved that when she went over there they always said ‘have a nice day’, so obviously it was her favourite place to have a holiday.

She was in New York when the twin towers went down, she was out there making tea probably still wearing her dressing gown. All the locals and tourists were obviously in a bit of a state, but she had reassured them she’d been through wars and rough times so could relate.

She married her second husband who’s name was Ernie, and for a few years they had an amazing journey. But then when he died she was so upset, she had many happy memories that she would never forget.

By 2016 she had 4 great grandchildren and this year 2019 another one is due.  It’s so sad that she won’t meet them, but I’m sure she’ll be watching up there while having a brew.

Then a few months ago her first great great grandchild showed up, a newbie, and we couldn’t imagine or even visualise it but here she was; another Ruby!

We all loved you nan in our own special way, you were hard work some might even say. When you farted you always denied responsibility, but you soon made up for it with your fun sociability.

As I say goodbye to my mums mum who loved her whist drive, still thought I worked in a job I’d been in back in 1995.

We’re all pleased you got to see all your grandchildren and their offspring grow up momentarily.  You’ve left a huge impact on our lives Ruby Mary.


Ruby Mary Pearce, nee Howe, nee Alexandra

4 July 1917 – 14th August 2019

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