Dream a little dream, Giovanna Fletcher

I loved this, I do enjoy a book that I can escape into whilst my life whizzes past my eyes so fast I can’t put a post it note on it.  Work days; lunch hours spent sitting on a bench outside (yes, I know in this weather crazy!) wrapped up in my duvet coat (that’s my name for it because it really does feel like I’ve got a duvet wrapped around me) however if it’s too cold or wet it’s my car, yes I lay in my car. Toddler days; when he sleeps in the car and I get time to myself once I’ve been through a drive through McDonalds and get myself a latte (wow I do spend ALOT of time in my car!)

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This book doesn’t disappoint with a happy story with a warm fuzzy feeling (and a few dirty dreams and bitchiness) and then I had a moment where I reminisced to back when I was younger and watching THAT film with the same title.  (I’m old I can take it).

Related image

Completely different story though….

giphy-2It was all about Corey Haim in those days!

Firstly I want to talk about the characters of this story, so when I was first introduced to the characters the first thing I thought….this could be Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey??  Right?  Well yes I suppose you could think like that because 4 of them have or had relationships, however none of them are related (for those who don’t know who I’m talking about two of the characters are siblings) AND they have no children between them….or do they?


Ok I’m not going any further with that comment because I don’t want to give any spoilers, erm although I think I just did!

Sarah and her dreams….wow, she knows how to dream a little dream (see what I did there?) and she also knows what she wants and can’t get her act together to get it.  However lucky for her she gets help (and she really does need it)


It really is a warm story, not your typical when boy meets girl which makes it a little bit more different.  The message I got from this book was to push yourself or work harder if it’s something you really want, Sarah was being a PA for not a very pleasant person and deserved better so pleased that she pushed herself (I know she’s not a real person but it was a good message!) It does go to show that you can do better if you try hard enough.

I noticed after this one that Giovanna also has Dream a little dream at Christmas (bit late for some) but I will be downloading it and pretending is still Christmas.

Image result for dream a little dream christmas


PS. Am I the only one that humming dream a little dream in my head pretending that I’m Doris Day?


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