Happy Birthday Grandma!

So today is my mums birthday, altogether now…

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Annabels mummyyyyyy happy birthday tooooo yoooooou!

I would like to also set today as a day we reflect on how much we appreciate our mums, the ones who childcare for us so that we can work, the ones who are on the end of a phone when you need someone or just someone who makes the best cakes and roast dinners.  My mum does the best roasts and cakes AND she’s always at the end of the phone if I need her but most of all she is…My. Best. Friend. 

She will be honest with what I wear…

“You do wear a lot of sportswear Annabel”. She said one day, I looked down at my jeans jersey top and trainers.  I shrugged at the comment.  “It’s comfortable.”  I say.

“You don’t need so much make up.”  This is an old comment because a lot of people that know me know I don’t bother so much, but those days I had time to do my make up.

“I really liked it when you had that short bob hair cut.”  Yes, yes, this is a regular comment but it doesn’t make any difference mum, I’m never having short hair again.  I spent ages doing it in the mornings which added a twenty minutes to my morning routine and to be honest I need all the minutes sleep I can get nowadadys!  Not only that I had ONE comment that I looked like Kelly Osbourne and that was it, never having short hair again!