Tired at 21? Rubbish!

Yes, that’s exactly what I said when my 21 year old colleague said she was tired!  You have got to be kidding and also my favourite phrase at the moment is…

So I’m sat there and all I can hear is my 21 year old and a 25 year old colleagues complaining about how tired they are….really?  You don’t know what tired is until you get to 43 years old and have to spend 5 days a week trying to tire him out so that he will nap so you can sit down and have that hot drink.

My only saving grace is that he has two favourite programmes (we have every episode on our television storage) that he will religiously sit and watch quietly, and I know every damn episode of Catie’s Amazing Machines and Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures.  In fact the last time I counted I’ve seen CAM 4387 times!!  (Ok ok, I’m exaggerating, but it really does feel like it, especially when I know the words!!!

I keep wondering what life will be like when he’s older (heaven forbid that it goes too quickly), but why do I get the impression that he’s going to be into some sort of sport (he runs EVERYWHERE)….

Then there’s the over excitement of when he’s happy, some children just sit and smile or clap their hands but mine, oh he’s unique because he will skip with joy and sometimes fall over because he’s over excited and lost balance!

It was a complete miracle that he sat down for at least ten minutes when he had to come into work with me the other day, I actually sat him in a chair and asked him to stay still while I go and get a drink and I watched him happily sit there watching everyone in the office and holding his hands together.  Oh and my colleagues said “oh isn’t he adorable sitting there nicely”, I would’ve loved to have said, “Yes, but when we’re not here he NEVER sits still unless he’s in front of his favourite TV show!”

So, what made these colleagues tired I hear you ask, maybe they had a late night out?  Maybe they didn’t have a very good nights sleep??  I think they call is lazybones syndrome?  No no no it’s an actual thing and not something I just made up (as above) and it’s called hypersomnia, see now I feel bad because people out there do actually suffer with this.  But these young ladies (old before their time, pure lightweights if you ask me 😊 ) sleep too much for their age, when I was that age I was out drinking late at night then at work for 7.30 the next day!  BUT…it made me think of the word snowflake that they’re using for the (other) youngsters nowadays that can’t handle life (oh these are not the colleagues I work with, they’re just lightweights!)

Snowflake as a slang term involves the derogatory usage of the word snowflake to refer to a person. Its meaning may include a person perceived by others to have an inflated sense of uniqueness or an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or to be over-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions. [wiki]

I think I met one of these a couple of weeks ago, he looked in his early 20s sat behind us in a restaurant.  The over excited toddler actually sat and ate his dinner but when it was time to go he had a bit of a tantrum because he didn’t want to put his coat on, normally I would let him go without but it was friggin freezing outside and I was not going to carry him all the way to the car (I mean he’s like nearly 2 stone!).  I gently said to the guy “He’s only grizzling because he doesn’t want to put his coat on, he’ll be ok in a minute.”  And I’m not joking the guy turned to me and said “I have sens-itive ears.”  Now normally I would have sympathy, however if you do have sensitive ears (which is probably rubbish) don’t go to a f****** noisy restaurant and sit NEXT TO A TODDLER!!!!  I wanted to go to Primark and get him some ear muffs and shove them on his head and tell him to go get a pair, but the nicer half of me (yes yes, I do have nice half honest) told me off and told me in no uncertain terms to just walk the f*** away.

And breathe…..

Anyhoo, no point made here apart from the fact that apparently (according to the 21 year old colleague) I’m used to the sleepless nights (so hardcore) so my body is used to it so therefore how can I be tired?!  Yeah nice try Daisy Doo, I’m not buying that one but because I couldn’t get the last word in the office yesterday I’m doing it now!

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