Boy in the mirror

Ok, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking where has she gone?  She promised more posts and stories but what the hell??

No this is not William, but give it time he will be doing this….

Well I would love to tell you that I’ve been busy writing my book, or sewing or even lack of sleep from that toddler of mine but no nada….none of that, I’m a slacker ok, I’m a complete slacker and I don’t care what people think and will shout it out loud!


Seriously though, that child of mine is tiring me out!!!

Mondays and Tuesdays are my day off AND that lovely childminder of mine as well as my little dinosaur has two other toddlers a similar age, yes I know right?  Why?  Apparently if you do that for a living you do it for the love of the job not the money….


But I am oh so grateful for her, it gives me a chance to sit on my arse most of the day drinking tea and coffee HOT!  A day when I can pee when I want (and alone) and feel like a working adult having adult conversation about work or not and not what sort of poo he’s done or what food he’s thrown on the floor the night before (ha don’t you just love a bit of poetry).

I wear a Fitbit and discovered that on average I do 6,000 steps a day when I am at work, when I’m at home with said dinosaur I do on average 11,000 steps!  So that’s quite a bit of running after him when we’re out or running around the house whilst trying to dress him, change his nappy or the current chase is trying to put sun cream on him before we leave the house.


I have also decided that he’s not going to completely tire me out, I stupidly thought that running could do that.  I am not a runner, all the people that know me will firmly agree that running is not my thing so when I explain that I’ve taken up running I can see the shock in their eyes.


I started a month ago and I was doing really well, until this bloody heatwave begun.  Now I’ve given up because it’s way too hot even at 7 at night, it’s the only time I can go (and no, before you ask I am not getting up and 5am and going running!). It’s supposed to be helping me get more energy by doing this, when I read about it I laughed out loud but they were actually right and since I’ve been running I do have a bit more energy (but don’t tell my husband!).

My friends have been saying how proud they are of me, and hell, my husband has told me it looked like I’d lost weight so I weighed myself and yes I did over a stone!!!  Before you think I probably look slimmer no I don’t, I’ve just lost weight that I’ve put on that I shouldn’t have done in the last year.


I’m also trying to think of an activity everyday that I’m with the dinosaur, to tire him out (as well as me of course!)  Yesterday’s activity was seeing how far he could walk around Ikea before he got grumpy and neither husband could believe our eyes when he was still smiling at lunch time (after 2 hours of walking round).

The boy loves a mirror…so vain!

Anyway all this talk of tiredness is kicking in my own tiredness and I need to prepare myself for Monday morning, and believe me when I say if you think your Monday mornings are bad how about a grumpy toddler who doesn’t want to get out of bed let alone be left with Mary Poppins!