From toddler to teenager

I seriously don’t know where the last 2 years have gone, one minute I’m pregnant and being rushed into have a baby at 28 weeks the next I’m trying to tame him!!

Seriously, this boy is active and I don’t know where he gets it from.  I’m not saying that my husband and I are lazy (ok well maybe we are a bit) but it’s like someone puts a new battery in him EVERY MORNING.

I was really missing my cuddles with him (I mean he’ll cuddle up with my husband or either of his granddads but not his mum…and I’ve got bigger pillows!!!) so I quite enjoyed a couple of cuddles when he woke up with molar teeth pushing through his gums and disturbing him.  I would tell my husband to stay in bed because I knew the minute he saw him he would prefer to have cuddles with his daddy.

We’re really lucky enough to have a bed in his nursery so I can stay for a longer cuddle letting him fall asleep on me before laying him in the cot…without waking him?  Pah, that never happens I normally have to give him a bottle of milk at least to settle him (99% of the time it works like a charm!)

This child I call my son, has (finally) just started to say mummy!  He’s been saying daddy since the day he was born (ok that’s a slight exaggeration, but it has felt like it!).  We were all set to go to my brothers for his birthday Sunday lunch and I forgot something so rushed back in the house, and apparently as I stepped out the front door he pointed at me and said mummy!  When my husband told me I kept my cool but in my head the hallelujah song was going off full blast!

I think we’ve just (early I know) entered the ‘terrible 2s’ in the last couple of weeks, the annoying whine he makes when I have to leave the room for a second, it’s just ALL THE TIME.  Even the childminder has commented on this, and writing it in his daily report (and to think I was going to keep that book for happy memories!). The tantrums he has when I tell him no (or sometimes time out – yeah already!), or stop him from pinching and slapping my face.  I mean really, it’s literally like biting the hand that feeds you.

Todays childminder report actually read:

‘We all went in the garden to play, well William stood and watched the others.’  As I read it I remember being told how much of a loner I was at school the first few years (that was until I was easily led!) so I wonder if he’s got a bit more of me in him than I realised. I used to think that he was just like his dad, in temperament and looks but the older and wiser (ahem) he gets the more he’s getting like me.  I just hope the teenage years aren’t like mine, because if they are we’re going to need stronger hinges on the doors!!!!