It’s a hoot hoot!


Now William is walking quite confidently I’m getting more and more anxious about this ‘hyperactive’ nature he seems to have acquired!  So yesterday we went and bought him a dog lead aka a child harness.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that he has bags of energy (even though most days I just want him to sit down so that I can drink a hot drink) because when he goes to bed at night, he sleeps through the night (ok now I’ve said that he’s going to wake up tonight, you’ll see!)

So today was supposed the most decent day of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, it wasn’t raining so we thought we’d try Paultons Park.  The last time I went to Paultons Park was 1987 (I worked this out because of the dinosaur walk they used to have), I ended up getting a season ticket because so many people have said to me it’s so great to go to even for a couple of hours (I live about 5 minutes up the road).


I hate to look like a tourist, so started to follow a couple who looked like they’d been there before.  Well, we were following them till someone shouted my name, (no not me, apparently they have a daughter called Annabel!) well you have to admit it’s not a common name!

I couldn’t believe how vast it was, every time you think you got to the end of a path there’s another turn and you’re in another section of the park (I don’t know how they can call it a park, it’s too big to be a park!)

Then we discovered Peppa Pig World, I had been warned by my best friend about this part of the park and how busy it would be and how William would end up wanting to go on everything once he was old enough to understand!


Screaming kids everywhere, this used to be my worst nightmare but for some reason I was smiling.  I think it was because I was being a sentimental thing, because I was here with my family and was actually enjoying the moment of walking through a park of screaming kids shouting “mummy I want…” and “Peppa Pig daddy look….” whilst feeling like it was a January day and not the 1st April.  It was 8 degrees today, yes, 8 bloody degrees!!!

We ended up going on a couple of rides, the train which was a good one to start with going around a part of the park.  We had to keep filling Williams mouth with grapes and biscuits to keep him from screaming the place down, but when the train started he was quiet! Just as we were coming to the end he started to kick off again and I know it’s because he had to sit till for a few minutes (he really is hyperactive, I’m notjoking).  As soon as we got off the train, he was almost running down the platform!

We also took him on a tractor, which we probably would’ve enjoyed more if he hadn’t of filled his nappy while we waited in the queue.  We were nearly at the front of the queue, was it so wrong not to go and change him for a few minutes?  Anyway, he’s sat in poo before for longer without us knowing and when I did get to change his nappy he screamed the place down so clearly it was nice and warm in there!  To be honest, I think it was the cheese waffle that we had earlier shared that did it!


We did enjoy it, it was a lovely day out although I expect it would’ve been better if it was not in the holidays.  The screaming kids weren’t an issue, it was some of the parents, it’s like no one has manners!  Oh and then there was a moment where I thought I recognised someone and said hello and they replied in a Birmingham accent asking if they knew me, that was awkward!


Then I sat on a loo wondering if my arse had grown three times the size overnight, when in fact I was sat on a childs’ toilet seat.


It’s ok, just another day in my world…..never dull!!!baby funchanging nappieshoot hootkids playpaultons parkpeppa pig worldtoddler on tourtoddler worldEdit “It’s a hoot hoot!”