Turning Point, Freya North

I finished an amazing story last night, it’s not the typical happy ending chic lit stuff I normally read and there were some tears but not for the obvious reason.


Ever wondered what it’s like to have a long distance relationship? I did it as a teenager (he was in Liverpool) and it lasted about two weeks and that was before the days of mobile phones (we wrote to each other, how old fashioned is that?!)

Frankie lives in the UK and Scott in Canada, you think that’s quite a distance and wonder how will it work but it does work. It’s lucky that they both have high paying flexible jobs which means they can travel (that’s how they meet incidentally, in London) and we all know how much flights are but she’s a writer and he’s a musician and a they’re both single parents which throws another complication into the situation but it’s such a strong love. Every chapter I read I kept wondering when it was going to break down and then as I realise it’s not going to break down the unthinkable happens.


When I say unthinkable what I mean is the unexpected, because in this story you really don’t see it coming so when it did I was not only shocked but also very sad.

I loved every character in this story, there’s normally one or two that I don’t like in a book (well ok, I wasn’t a fan of Miles but he was never going to be a popular character as the unreliable absconded Father of Frankies children).  I had love for every other single character, even Frankies sister and mother, you think it’s sibling rivalry when in fact it’s just they’re looking out for Frankie.

Sam (Frankies son) a typical teenager that actually reminded me of what I was like when I was a teen; moody, stroppy and wanting to just do his own thing and not hang out with his Mum. I loved that her youngest was named Annabel (obviously such a fabulous name!) and what a lovely character, it’s like she knew all these characters already (der!)

I also loved the description of British Columbia and Pemberton, and in my head it was also majestic and pretty where frankie lived, with cath kidson decorations everywhere (Just for info though not a huge fan of cath kidson). It’s made me want to visit Canada even more now, maybe we’ll take William when he’s older *picks up lottery ticket on way home*!


Saving the best to last, gotta love a pet dog in a story but Buddy sounds like the sort of dog I’d love to have around the home and such a loving dog who has some sixth sense about things (later in the book I discovered this), I wasn’t sure if it was written like that or just coincidence but it was sweet.