Back to work

So tomorrow I’m back to work after being off for almost 3 weeks for Christmas (yeah yeah I’m lucky to have been able to have that time off I know blah blah blah!).  Christmas Day is like a distant memory now and I’m sooo ready to go back to work!


Now don’t get me wrong, it was a great break although it’s really not much of a break when you have a hyperactive 16 month old boy!


You see, for me going to work two days a week (yeah yeah only two days lucky me!) is like my weekend because I get to sit on my bum for the majority of the day and work at a computer helping students and academics which is a breeze compared to chasing after a baby crawling so fast the carpet is singed!

He has started to say ‘dada’ my husband (obviously) but to me he just makes any noise as long as it’s a loud noise, and I’m stupid enough to respond to it, so that day ‘blip’ ‘tut’ or ‘vlow’ will be my name and most of the time I respond!

I had a 20 minute car journey with him the other day, and it was like an argument.  I kept saying ‘mama’ and he kept responding with ‘dada’.  I’m persistent but I do worry that by the time he does say ‘mama’ he will be saying it so much, I will want to change my name back to ‘blop’ ‘quo’ or ‘vleur’!


Going back nine weeks to when I returned to work after my maternity leave I was anxious about returning to work, I felt sick with nerves and couldn’t sleep the night before and I have started to get those feelings again!  Ergh I hate feeling like this, it’s all because of getting him up early.  I don’t have a problem getting up and getting myself ready and going to work, however the problem will be….

Challenge number 1

Getting the octopus dressed (he literally is like an octopus arms and legs everywhere!)

Challenge 2

Cleaning his teeth!!!!!!  I never know what he’s going to be like, will he clamp his mouth shut, will he let me do it or will it be a fight like most mornings and he’ll have more toothpaste on the back of head than on his teeth!

Challenge 3

Will of course be breakfast!!  I have bread ready in the fridge for toast in the morning, I cut and slice it but will end up on the floor???  The only consistent thing is that he is happy to take his vitamins, probably because it tastes like marmite and guess what?  I’m the only one in the household that doesn’t like the stuff!


I’m keeping toes crossed (fingers are currently typing) that all goes straight forward tomorrow and I can get to work before 8 and make myself a lovely brew and go through my 158 emails (yes I checked but just to see how many I had, not to deal with them!).

However the whole time I’m at work I will be wondering what my little man is doing, I will look at the clock at 9 o’clock thinking he’s tucked up in pushchair with the childminder doing the school run, then at 11 o’clock I’ll be wondering if he’s eaten much of his snacks and will he eat his lunch that I’ve prepared for him and then finally at half past two I will relax because I know that my husband will have picked him up and he’ll be home soon and they will chill or play with his toys.

My boys x