Overeaten, lack of sleep & not much writing done!

So when the Christmas break started, I had thought to myself;  “Yay…husband is home and I can get lots of writing done, add to my new blog (My name is Ellie) on a regular basis and enjoy the break!”  WRONG!!

Let’s start again shall we?  Ok so it has been an oh so lovely Christmas, kind of felt like Williams first Christmas as he was so small last year and newly home from hospital (almost after being in NICO for 8 weeks) so this year we would have gone all out but chickened out of having a full blown Christmas tree and decorations….instead we had a 2 foot tree and limited tinsel high up so he couldn’t reach!!  He is crawling for England the rate he’s going, and sometimes I have to stop myself from laughing because his knees go quicker than his hands and then…


But now, since Christmas he’s now walking with support so I will need to find a new giph soon!!!

But we had to go for the personalised stocking thanks to eBay!


We are usually very blessed having a large family which includes a great get together every year but this year we had a quiet one, with my brother and his other half hosting it and it was just us and my folks which was a nice change and my brother is a great cook.

Yes that is a Christmas pudding on my head!

In the build up to Christmas we all enjoyed the festivities….William met Father Christmas for the first time and as you can see that went well…not!


But one of my highlights of Christmas (and my husband and boy will hate me for this) was my works Christmas do!  Purely and simply because I’ve been away for so long and it really felt like I was back with my work family and it was a Take That tribute band and a Christmas dinner what more could a girl want to do with her work colleagues!!

I know I sound like I’m making excuses as to why I’ve not written but I genuinely haven’t been able to, but now I’m hoping that this stupid thing they call ‘New Years Resolutions’ will help me and give me the added pressure to write more (plus I have a new laptop) so really and truly I shouldn’t have any excuses.  So if you don’t hear from me for a while, please anyone stick a rocket up my arse!