A stranger in my house review 

This post was previously written in October, but didn’t get round to publishing it.


I’ve been writing my second novel for nearly two years now, with the early arrival of baby William it’s been put on the back burner as he has been my priority! Same as my reading really as the only time I get to myself is in the evenings and when I go to bed (by which time I’m asleep by 9 some nights)!


But then I bought this book by my favourite writer (especially as I met her and she’s lovely!) which had me intrigued as the story line was similar to mine (true story!)
When I first started to read it I thought ‘okay this is a bit different to mine, different circumstances or family mix up’ (I won’t give away the plot).

However there were some parts of it ‘family connections and the swapping that happened’ which was very much like my book. I couldn’t help wondering if Adele Parks could read my mind!! Although she had published it before I met her! Ha ha!

I’m slightly jealous because it was so well written as all her books are and I can’t fault in it and even though I thought I knew what would happen it was still unpredictable and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Part of me didn’t want to enjoy it but I could not put it down!!!  Seriously though Adele, I would love to be able to write like you!  Also, can you just write all the time so that I can read your books all the time???


Loved every single character and loved that my name was used as one of the characters and it was as spelt right too!!! Made me so happy! (I know it doesn’t take much does it?!)

Is this not baby Annabel?

Every character I imagined well because they were described so well and the kids made the story so real and I felt like I was part of it every sentence that was written!  I really enjoyed this story, and look forward to her next one!




If you’re wondering about my book?  I have decided to put it on hold for a few years and see if I can alter it a bit, and possibly try to publish in a few years.  BUT I do have another one on the back burner but it could take me a while but in the mean time I am intending on putting some short stories on my blog so watch this space…..