GOT to be kidding?

Game of Thrones; I’m trying to explain what the programme is about, but she’s none the wiser.  My elderly friend has just asked me what’s this GOT she keeps seeing posters about, she thinks it’s something to do with Gok Wan.  Bless her, I tried to explain but I think after ten minutes I should have given up, but I don’t want her to not know because I know she likes to know everything.


“It’s a Science Fiction thing about….”

“It’s quite a violent….”

“Jon Snow is…..”

“Well Edith tells me that her grandson watches it and it’s got lots of sex in it!”  I am stunned, speechless and dum struck, I really don’t have many moments like this but I don’t know what to say to this response.

Nope I can’t do it, I’ve never watched the show the only bits I know is from over hearing snippets of conversation between my old colleagues Michelle and Dan.  They’re both avid fans but I never GOT (ha see what I did there) into it because it just sounded too violent to me; I would hear updates like oh my god he was killed off or did you see what she did last night?.  Husband wants to watch it, and I’m not stopping him, but honey good luck finding time with everything that’s going on at the moment in our lives. (For info if you don’t know what’s going on pull your head out of the sand and read my blog!)

got cast

I would remember Jon Snow being mentioned and printing out pictures of anything GOT related when a colleague left last year (yes Matt that was a year ago can you believe it?!) and the woman with incredibly long white hair (or what she in The Lion Witch and Wardrobe?)

Every day on my Facebook news feed is full of what’s on TV and what’s happening and seriously, the anticipation of some of the programmes is funny; there was Broadchurch, Downton Abbey and then there was Poldark (which is just porn, or is it just me?)


However, the people watching GOT are serious fans and I’m actually feeling like the odd one out.  That was until a friend posted a meme Instagram, which I instantly stole and posted on Facebook and it was great to see that some of my friends aren’t watching it too!!

got meme

But after seeing this, I had serious goosebumps like the ones I had when I first started watching Dexter and Breaking Bad.  Wow just wow, I don’t know what will happen next?!

White Walkers in London

My GOT name is Daenerys!  If you click on the name, you can too find out yours!!