Soppy post alert, no hankies needed.

Well here I am only almost 10 months later and I think I’ve finally got this…..

William is progressing well, and is standing with support and eating us out of house and home already; loving life and I’m actually starting to enjoy it too (let’s by pass the fact that he’s currently going through the ‘screaming for no reason’ stage.) We on the other hand have more grey hair (yes I actually let my hair go grey at one point before hitting the bottle of dye) and I’m hitting the pillow at night and unless woken waking up the next morning after 8 hours sleep feeling like a bunch of roses (ok that’s a lie) I’m actually still feeling like a zombie to be honest with you and I’ve not a clue why!!

Whoever says having a baby isn’t that hard is lying, it’s a bloody struggle and for a while we would sit and wonder if it was because we’re older parents and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t make any difference that age is just a number, however we convinced ourselves that it was so that we wouldn’t feel so bad when we passed out every night at 8pm, yes I’m officially old.


However a lot of people say the cliche phrase ‘but it’s worth it’, now that, elementary is the truth. ¬†When I watch William play with his toys, scream with happiness when I blow a raspberry on his tummy, or when he opens his mouth the size of the Mersey tunnel when a spoonful of his favourite pasta dish is coming towards his face I smile to myself because I’m so happy I could cry, yes its hormones before you ask, not my contact lenses!