Let sleeping babies lie.

Well that is what my mother in law says on a regular basis, and believe me I never want to wake William when he sleeps.  I do actually now have a nack of getting him out of car seat/cot/pram without waking him about 90% of the time (you didn’t expect the 90% did you?  You thought I was Mary Poppins or Jo Frost)

I can’t remember the last time I sat in front of my Mac and properly did some writing, they reckon William should have longer naps in the afternoon (I’d hoped I would write more when this happens) but that doesn’t seem to be happening but that’s fine because he sleeps through the night 11-12 hours and I consider myself very lucky!  I still feel like a zombie when I’m resting, in a strange way I work better with less sleep now although now I’m sat in a comfy seat I’m normally snoring my head off by now being told to go on to bed (in the nicest possible way!)

I’m biased when I say that my boy is gorgeous, intelligent and exceeding in everything he does but all mothers do that right?  He’s freakingly strong which surprises me, when he kicks me in the boobs when I change his nappy in the morning I actually wince which is why now I change him on the floor!  (Now who’s clever eh?) I had a moment where lots of people were telling me that he should be in his own room, but I was absolutely dreading it and thinking that he was scream his head off like he did last time we tried so you can imagine my shock when he slept almost 12 hours!!!  Yes 11 hours and 35 minutes and in fact we woke up at 3am and were so shocked and thinking he would wake we decided to have a cup of tea (seriously cups of tea at crazy times in this household!) because we were both wide awake!  Then when he did eventually wake up, by stomping his feet in his cot we were both like zombies wanting to go back to bed!!

It is hard to compare him to other babies where he’s premature, but when we were in the hospital the consultant said how early we could start to do the weaning process.  Another process I was dreading, wondering how this was going to go I threw myself in whole heartedly and scoured lots of weaning books and making up recepies which he would devour every meal time and now he will happily eat almost every meal we have!

He is very energetic, which is a bit of a shock to me and the husband as neither of us is like this!

He is also having swimming lessons, due to one particular night a flood happening in the dining room whilst giving him a bath!