Being a parent, the realities of the first year….

For anyone is due to have a baby, wanting to have a baby or have one already and want to read and say ‘yeah that’s so right’!



You cannot sleep when they sleep, in fact you can’t sleep much at all and sometimes you fall asleep when you can.  I was lucky that I could go over my parents during my maternity leave and they would have him and I would just curl up on the sofa because the night before he’d been up every 3 hours. I’m feeling tired just thinking about those days, I’m oh so grateful that now he sleeps 12 hours a night (most nights) and I feel like that is my gift for having to sit at the top of the stairs in tears as I hear him crying to sleep because I knew if I went in there I was making a rod for my own back (yes judge all you want, but I knew what had to be done).


You have to have a system, I hadn’t realised this till I started to change his nappy as he got bigger, able to roll over and crawl off.  The system gets more complicated as they get bigger, poo gets everywhere, you can’t hold their feet as the feet get bigger (well I can’t because I have small hands) so Vanish will be your best friend!

My tip: if you have a baby that won’t keep still for love nor money keep him distracted with toys or if he’s anything like my little one sing him nursery rhymes, I think I sing ‘old Macdonald’ a little bit too much because he can now do the ‘eei eei!’  He can’t add the ‘ooh’ yet though!  And Old McDonald has all sorts on his farm, he had a sloth who snored the last time I sung it!



The amount of them are unbelievable and he’s only 16 months old!  I feel lucky that I’ve got loving people around us to get him such lovely gifts, I can’t complain about the amount because he loves his toys but I will find these toys is the craziest gaps which you think nothing will fit in!  My only tip is, keep something long, hard and thin (ahem, clean your mind now!) handy for when that piece of Duplo or ball gets wedged somewhere!  I’ve spend many times getting toys from out under the sofa or behind units that cannot be moved!



Saving the best to last!  Eating is an education in itself, so we started weaning him at 6 months because he would try and take food off me and we thought right that’s it!  You think you’ve got it, he’s having less milk and he’s trying all these different flavours and you’ve been writing down all his favourites and he’s drinking water out of a sippy cup and things are going well….

Then the teeth arrive, then you’re screwed!


Then you go back to square one, his favourite flavours aren’t his favourite flavours anymore, in fact he hates them so much he spits them out!  Ergh, you have days when you just want to just go back to giving him milk because it’s so much easier to give him a bottle.  The book you’re writing his favourite flavours in doesn’t even exist anymore it’s now in the bin because you’ve given up on trying to give him food!  Then there’s the cup issue; he now won’t have a sippy cup because it’s more fun to throw on the floor (as well as all the food) so you end up spending so much money on different cups because you think he needs a different one when in fact all he wants to do is give you the run around!

Hang in there though, it does go back to how it was but it just takes longer than anticipated!


The best thing I can say though is, whether you take others advice or not stick with your decision because at the end of the day….YOU’RE the BOSS!!!!


Oh and it’s so worth it when they smile….