Happy Birthday!

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It was my birthday, I had cakes ready in the kitchen to take into work the next day.  I woke early the next morning, something felt funny like I was desperate for the loo.  I jumped out of bed and ran to the toilet, i had leaked from the bed to bathroom somehow and as soon as I realised what had happened I shouted to Mike to come to the bathroom.

“My waters have broken!”  I gasped almost crying, he rubbed his eyes.

“Are you sure?”  He asked

“Turn the light on.”  And that’s when we saw the trail of water from the bedroom to the bathroom and we both gasped.  I was scarred, I had no idea why my waters had broken, this was way too early and was this even normal?  I look at Mike and the first thing he says “Happy birthday by the way.”  (My response was not thanks!)

We were in the car and out the drive 15 minutes later, I was sat on towels and calling the emergency number on my mobile phone almost dropping the phone as we went over every single pot hole!  I didn’t even get time to pack a bag.

Next thing I was in a wheelchair and being sped into the Labour ward and before I could say my waters had broken they put me on a bed, I was so panicked and all I could think about was my baby is coming on my birthday and that it was way too early!

They said it was quite normal for the baby to grow without being in the
, apparently he had kicked so hard that it had broken the sac and that’s why my waters broke but what they couldn’t understand why he kicked it so hard to break it.  Normally the baby does that if they’re not happy or in any kind of pain, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with him.  I stayed in hospital all day on my birthday, not what I had planned but life isn’t always as you plan it, I mean we planned to have a family a long time ago but hadn’t expected it to take this long!


I was connected up to a machine that was watching the babies heartbeat and breathing, I was trying to stay calm but all I kept thinking was that everything is going to go wrong that they would tell me there’s nothing they can do and there’s not heartbeat. My mind was running overtime!! I stayed in overnight and didn’t sleep much, nurses would come and take my blood pressure every few hours during the night and a couple of times I woke up with a wet face so I knew I’d been crying when I did sleep.

The next day I was moved into a room with 3 other women, one who lived in Winchester that was expecting twins; one of the twins was eating more than the other so they were worried about the smaller one.  The other ladies were from Yeovil in Somerset, and Southampton.  One was due any day now and the other wasn’t due for another 3 months like myself.  I was suddenly feeling more comfortable and having these ladies around me made to feel more at home even if I was wired up to machines because they were also wired up.

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We were taken down to Neo Natal unit to be shown where early babies could come, they had said that this could happen but they said it would be worth going and seeing what it was like so that would put our mind at rest.  And they were right; seeing other babies that had come early did put our minds at ease, we still didn’t think it could happen to us though.  I remember not knowing what to expect, I remember just doing what I was told and hoping it will all be alright.

The Friday night the other mums and I all sat watching Strictly Come Dancing, all laughing at the dances and commenting on who we wanted to win (Judge Rinder was my favourite).  I had joked that all we needed was a bottle of wine and 4 glasses and it would be like a girlie night in.  I had slept better that night, the noise of the 2 heartbeats of the twins would wake me every few hours but it was reassuring to know that I wasn’t alone in there, and I was surprisingly relaxed even though I had no idea what was going to happen.

The next morning I was once again plugged in to check the heartbeat of the baby, only that particular day they put it on at ten o’clock in the morning and kept it on all day.  I was so uncomfortable because I couldn’t move, they just told me to keep still and try not to move too much.  I was so tearful because I couldn’t move, my back was hurting and I wasn’t still convinced that the baby would be ok.  One of my friends came to see me that evening and brought me a lavender heart that she had made, to keep me relaxed and I clung to it for dear life praying that everything would be ok.

Later on that night, there were complications with the babies heartbeat.  It was beating intermittently which was not uncommon but not healthy, I was unsure what that meant but I was still hooked up at nine o clock that night.  The doctors wheeled me to the labour ward about an hour later saying that they wanted to have a closer look to see what was going on, I was so scarred.  Mike and my mum were there, my friend had stayed too telling me I could tell her to leave whenever, but it was quite nice having her there.  She left later though because it was getting quite late.

The doctors all had a meeting; my consultant, the anaethesist and her team.  Three of them came in after they had a meeting and I remember I was about to ask them what was happening, when she said that I would be having an emergency cesarean.  I gulped, I knew what it was but I had no idea what was involved.  They told me that they would be cutting me open and getting him out, I remember being scarred that they might cut him and started to cry.

“When will this be happening?”  I managed to say.

“In about half an hour.”  And before I knew it scrubs were handed to my husband to wear and they were preparing me for surgery.  In my head I was quite relieved that it had happened so quickly, giving me less time to worry about it and panic.  I remember telling my mum to go home and that it would be fine, she told me she wasn’t going anywhere till she knew that it was all done and I was ok.  She then added that she had magazines to read which between that and my husband in scrubs actually made me laugh.


To be continued….