Still waiting for Multiple Oranges Juiced Overly…

Which is funny (in my head because I’m not that keen on oranges at the moment due to my taste buds, aka Billy Boy!)   Yes we have a nickname for him, it started with OB but Billy Boy seems to be more appropriate!


Yes so it seems that I’ve been waiting days, weeks and we’re now into months for my MOJO to come back (did you get that in the title?).  I know that they say in the third trimester that you typically have less energy but my poor husband is currently chained to the kitchen sink (and not in a kinky way I’ll have you know because I’m not that kind of girl!)


I never realised how tiring it was growing a little person inside of me, I feel like I could do stuff but then when I get the stuff done there’s more stuff to be done.  So let’s put that into prospective, that’s a lot of sh*t that needs to be getting on with!  But it will be all worth it when we’ve waited ten years to have a family (I’ve been married for 9 years but he doesn’t need to know I came off the pill before hand, wink wink nudge nudge!)

In the last few weeks, after a trip to Ikea, generosity of friends and family the nursery is starting to take shape.


I would love to take credit for it, but ultimately him indoors is great at flat pack at the end of the day and let’s face it what would I do without him.  He’s been going to work all week in his stressful job of coping with a dinosaur, coffee (particularly Costa) addict and hundreds and hundreds of mathematical, engineering and electronic geeks!  All this and then coming home and looking after me and my demands (god I’m not selling myself very well, but I’m not THAT much high maintenance, honestly!)


So you see between both of us, we have a lot going on in our lives.  Some people might say that we sound old before our time, although we’re both in our 40’s and I feel that taking this into consideration and that we both have fabulous genes so I think we’re doing ok!

We’re both looking forward to meeting the little dude, he seems to be quite active at the moment and I’m convinced he’s going to be a hyper child (because that would make sense after all the activities we used to get up to when we were both little) and that is just how it would go…..right?



So I’ve come to the decision that by the times he arrives he will; know that his sleeping pattern is from 7pm till 7am, not waking up in the night unless one of us is already awake.  He will learn to make certain noises (or sign language) when he’s hungry, thirsty and when needing a change of nappy.  Adapting to our lifestyle of an occasional lay in at the weekends would be a bonus, so would wake but wait for us to come and get him.  He will know what ‘no’ means so when we say it, he will stop immediately and do something that is more age appropriate like giggle, burp or play with his toys.  When feeding him, he will eat what he’s given, but put his hand up to us when he’s full.  And finally, when changing his nappy, he can pee on daddy but not mummy as her clothes are more important.




Oh wait, I think I just fell asleep then…