You’re the one that I want, Giovanna Fletcher

I’m beginning to like this writer more and more, firstly she is awesome and secondly she’s super awesome!!  Ha ha, but seriously not only is she a writer after previously being a journalist but she’s also a celebrity mother to Buzz and Buddy her 2 adorable boys whom she has with husband McFly band member Tom Fletcher.  She’s got a pretty high profile life yet always comes across as down to earth and pretty laid back.

I think there are alot of writers out there who can write books like this and you really feel it, she not only has that knack but seriously every book I’ve read of hers I’ve been unable to put down without finishing (unless I really really have to!)  This one was no exception!  To warn you, if you like chic lits you will LOVE this book!

This is a lovely story about how a little girl Maddy, moved to a completely new area and made two new best friends, Rob and Ben.  At nine years old and onwards they did everything, together; they rode bikes, climbed trees and fell out of them too!  Reading about the three characters as they were younger made me remember all the things I used to do at that age, even though I had girl friends I did also hang around with the boys only because I had been used to spending time with my two older brothers and everything seemed to be easier.  No cat fighting or jealousy, just play games, climb trees and pretend you were characters out of comic books!

These kids grew into adults, went off to University which separated them almost putting a cat amongst the pigeons but loyality held strong.  I won’t say too much about the story because I don’t want to give too much away, but what I wanted to happen didn’t happen and what I expected to happen didn’t happen either (go work that one out!)  The anticipation of what would be kept my nose stuck to my kindle and to be honest I’m normally good at predicting what would happen but this was totally unexpected!

I loved the loyality between the three friends, being there for each other in their younger years and there was never a feeling of the odd one out.  When I grew up I went to mixed school where there was only three girls in the class and sometimes I felt left out as I imagine the other two did too at times, but this relationship was so strong they could even finish off each others sentences.  They were also so protective over each other, so when they all go to University and almost split up I half expected their relationship to change completely but it didn’t and I loved that.

I loved this story so much, I would definately recommend it as a high priority book to be bought/downloaded!!  I’ve noticed that Giovanna has another book out, which I will be downloading soon as I have lots of reading to catch up on and I should imagine the next few months I may have a bit more time for reading before the ‘little’ one arrives in December!  Oh yes, did I forget to mention that?

Until the next time, au revoir xx