Opinion counts…right?

So I was sat eating my bowl of museli this morning whilst watching Good Morning Britain (which by the way has gone downhill since Piers Morgan has been on it, but I still watch it when he’s not presenting) just getting my daily top new stories.  Everyone does it, well most people!  I’m still sitting on fence about whether to leave the EU or not, so I seem to be watching more news lately to see if anything sways me, but sadly nothing!  But that’s another story!


And I wouldn’t say I was highly opinunated (oh god it’s started now, and out comes the soap box) but there are a few things about todays news bugged me!  But this is GMB news, so might not be major headlines generally for the UK…

Drunk on flights


REALLY???  Are you so irresponsible you find the need to be drunk on a flight?  I don’t care what time of the day it is and how excited or stressed you are, it’s inconsiderate and selfish.  I was on a flight a few years ago where a family (two parents and two children under the age of eight) were sat in front of us, both parents were drunk and the children were running riot.  I’m not exaggerating either, the mother fell asleep and the father just got louder and louder abusing everyone, both the children were climbing over the seats and when told to put seatbelts on the air crew they received abuse from the parents accusing them of shouting at their children.  Here’s an idea, please act like a parent before you start accusing others of being rude to them and perhaps if you can’t cope with having children….don’t have them to start with!

I really think that airports, lounges and the flights shouldn’t be selling alcohol in the first place?  Surely the flight companies selling it should be held responsible, rather than blaming the customers.  If the biscuits aren’t in sight, you won’t put on the weight as I always say to myself!



Spy bosses are now trying to recruit older (what do they class as older?) women in the latest drive to widen their pool of intelligence officers, according to the Government.

MI5 and MI6 are being rewarded for demonstrating inclusivity for recruiting more ‘older’ women (sorry I just think….) This also includes offering more flexible hours and support for those returning after having children (so really not that old?!)

Anyhoo, great for women who would like to get into that sort of role, but I think I’ll stick to the office 9-5 job ta very much!

Babysitters minimum wage?

A mum on Mumsnet.com has sparked a heated online debate after admitting she begrudges paying her babysitter the minimum wage!  The last time I looked the minimum wage had raised to £7.20 an hour, which is still lower than what it costs for childcare (in the area I live).  I strongly feel that babysitters (no matter what age they are) are still earning a living, they could be a student or a struggling trainee (as I was when I was 17).  I really feel that if you need a babysitter and you don’t have friends of family to babysit you should expect to pay the going rate, I used to get paid £10 for the whole evening and back then that was alot of money to me.  I also think that if you’re paying a younger person to babysit they need some sort of contract/agreement if you’re paying them minimum wage, I’ve noticed that some youngsters when babysitting just sit on their phones or watch TV all evening which is fine but they still need to keep an eye on the child?  Earn the pay I say!

Britains loneliest dog

This is not a rant, this is an awwww story of a dog that’s been over looked by 18,000 potential families in a rescue centre in Liverpool.  Everyone this is Britains loneliest canine, how sad is this that families have been to pick a dog and not even considered this little girl?

Apparently she’s a friendly loving dog, who has been at the rescue centre for six years and every year gets overlooked.  She has her own Facebook page so hopefully this will summon up some interest and she will get a new home soon!

Freya, a six-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross, has amassed a cool 700 Facebook friends but just cannot escape her life in the kennels