How hard can it be?

You may ask yourself this on a regular basis, I used to and sometimes I still do it now but I try and stop myself most of the time….

You want to save money, but it’s too hard because you have too many outgoings?

But it’s better to save something than nothing, right?  Do you really need the latest mobile phone when there’s nothing wrong with the one you got?  Do you really need those jeans when you already have 5 pairs and do you REALLY need Sky TV when you only watch Netflix???

You want to be a size 10 when you’re a size 20.

Please don’t put barriers up here, unless you have illnesses that stops you from being able to loose weight (I have PCOS and Underactive Thyroid which can be causes to gain weight and makes it diffucult to loose weight) then there’s nothing stopping you…unless you really don’t want to loose weight and you’re happy?

I used these examples, but there are still loads out there I hear you cry.  But make a concecious effort to see how hard it is really.  Make the time and effort to do this and it can be achieved, think positive and don’t worry if you’re life isn’t perfect.  I say this because that is what I’ve done through about 90% of my life and it made me miserable.