Blood: thicker than water?

As I write this post, I ponder and wonder if there’ll be anyone else that feels the same way.  I know family is blood and like they say it’s thicker than water BUT how many people see their families on a regular basis nowadays?  I feel lucky that I do see my family and I have friends who tell me they only see their siblings at Christmas, or possibly over the summer holidays.


When my niece and nephew were still at school we would see them at least a few times a month, but now they’re adults and both work and have their own independent lives we don’t see them as often but when I do see them I treasure my moments with them (even if they do sit on their mobile phones).  I used to get upset when I started to see them less and less, but now I think I’ve come to the realisation that actually I should be happy that they’re both adults and have happy independant lives.

When I listen to people that say their families don’t live in the same county as them let alone the same town it does make me feel lucky, I mean I do have one niece that lives down in Devon but she’s all grown up and making a life for herself and don’t get me wrong I love my family very much but I now feel that my family is my husband as well as the extended family (friends and close work colleagues) that I see more regularly in my life.

These are the ones whom I confide in, the ones who I trust and treasure the laughs that I have with them if only over a lunch hour or an evening of text messages or private messaging over Facebook.  My husband, and both my parents will always be my three rocks, my support network, and my safety net.


If I were to give anyone advice, it would be this; surround yourself with close friends and family whom you can trust, loved ones that will support and not judge for decisions you make as well as give the advice that you need rather than the advice you want to hear.  These are also people that you don’t have to see on a regular basis, you can go months without seeing in the flesh yet when you do see them you talk like you’ve only seen them the week before.  These are the friends you need to keep hold of tightly.

And most of all, be there for them too.