Rumours, Freya North

It is a lovely feeling when you pick up a book, remember that familiar smell when you open it to read it.  Recently I have been missing this, I have my kindle (aka convenience) which I carry around with me and read at every opportunity I can.  This is the first time for ages, that I’ve made the decision that the next book I read will be a book.  However, for now I have literally recently finished this…

‘Everybody’s talking – but what’s really going on?

Rumour has it that Stella Hutton landed her new job thanks to family connections. She’s guarded about her past and private about her new life.

Over in Long Dansbury, there’s always a rumour circulating about Xander – but the eligible bachelor shrugs off village gossip.

Then a rumour starts that Longbridge Hall is up for sale. Home to the eccentric Fortescues, it has dominated Long Dansbury lives for centuries.

Stella is summoned to sell the estate. But Xander grew up there. His secrets and memories are not for sale. He’ll do anything to stand in Stella’s way. Anything but fall in love.’

When I started to read this, I firstly imagine the scene.  Longbridge Hall, Lady Lydias’ abode.  Lady Lydia, came across as a ‘hoity toity’ lady who wore a lot of tweed and doesn’t like modern living.  I think she would be a technophobe as my husband puts it when he’s talking about his parents when they mention mobile phones and the internet.

Stella, not traditionally trained to sell houses has the first task to sell this mansion, considering she’s not experienced she certainly sounded like she knew what she was doing.  I had a large amount of sympathy for this single mother who just wanted enough to pay the bills, she’s an artist by trade, a art historian in fact so I can imagine she enjoyed some parts of selling this property.

Xander, the eligible bathcelor (either at work or running) who all the women are after is single, but he wasn’t ready to settle down with any of them.  He grew up at Longbridge Hall in one of the cottages on the grounds, and disliked the idea of moving away from there and hates the fact that Lydia is selling it, so his dislike to Stella starts quite early.

Found this more of an interesting read because there was (also) the focus on the house, and the description of the rooms.  I had great joy imagining in my head of what each room looked like, which is one of the best things about reading books and Freya always does a good description which helps with that.  I do have a love for architecture, so this make me even more enthusiastic about it.

Written very well and loved that the characters were all described indivudally in such a meticulous way, which is why she’s such a great writer and I shall continue to read every book she writes!