Character building…

So after that evening I spent listening to Adele Parks got me thinking that I know I should have done this before but I suddenly decided (after advised by AP) to interview my main two characters to help me with the depth of the characters *and breathe*.

gjycrlp6zygfqSorry I’m a bit excited (it doesn’t take much trust me) but I currently have  a lot going on in my life and to get some time to myself to do some writing is such a luxury at the moment.

It’s a bit of an insight for me too, because I get so carried away with writing the story and the other characters get forgotten and the two main characters in my novel is actually really worthwhile to me.  I also wanted to pass this on (I expect fellow writers know about this tip anyway) to share the knowledge that AP (my new best friend) passed on to me (well us, actually, there was about 30 other people in the room!)


So here goes, an interview with my two main characters Gemma and Isobel;

Gemma, How old are you?

F*ck off I’m telling you my age, rude! *crosses arms*

What do you do in your spare time?

I don’t have spare time sweetheart, I have a busy life looking after my 3 kids is a full time job in itself!

What’s your favourite colour?

Black or brown, well that’s what colours I like to wear because black is flattering and I look slimmer.  Having said that I’m a size 16 *a blatant lie, she’s actually a size 22* so I don’t think I’ll ever look slim, BUT if I won the lottery I would pay someone to help me slim down to a size 8!  Actually can I change my mind?  Because my favourite colour is pink, I’m going to dye my hair pink actually, I’ve just decided!


So, what is your dream, to loose weight?

Hell no, my first priority would be to find a bloke that can take care of me and look after my kids!

What would be your ideal job?

To test out beds for lots of money or having said that something in make up, I love putting make up on but I never get the chance because I never go out.

What’s your favourite food?

Chips and chocolate, does this include drink too because I’m a bit partial to a lager!  But I drink cider in the summer of course.

If you won the lottery what else would you do apart from pay someone to help you loose weight?

Go to New York, no, buy a new car, oh actually buy a big house with a swimming pool.  Hang on, depends how much I’ve won?  If I’ve got a million then I would move to America because that’s what dreams are made of right?

What future do you envisage for your children?

To be rich and famous so that they can take care of me for the rest of their lives…..ha!  I would love to be friends with the Kardashians and I could totally do their make up every day!


Isobel, How old are you?

Ahem, I don’t think it’s polite to ask a woman her age, but let’s just say I’m coming to a large number that rhymes with ‘salty’ in the next couple of years and my children are teenagers.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Well I won the Jackpot I would pay off our mortgage and then take my family on a long cruise around the Caribbean, and then also a weekend away with James, my husband.

What would be your ideal job?

*puts her finger to her lips* Well, when I was a teenager I would dream of being a teacher, but since doing it I wish I’d chosen a different career.  I love baking, would it be a bit cliche to have my own bakery?


So are cakes your favourite food?

Oh no, I make cakes for the family, they love cakes, even Michael likes a Victoria Sponge.  My favourite food is crumpets covered in butter, I keep saying I’m going to have a go at making them but it looks a bit fiddly to me.  Besides if I make anymore cakes I would have to go running twice a day at least, and now I only go 3 or 4 times a week.

What’s your favourite season?

Oh these questions.  So hard to decide, because I love how I feel in spring but then I love the colours of the trees in Autumn.  I love that I can wrap up in jumpers, scarves and boots in the winter but I also love wearing my wedges and Maxi dresses in the summer.  What season do you like?  Oh are the questions just for me?


What future do you envisage for your children?

Oooooh that’s a hard one, I think Michael will end up working in computing or some sort of digital media career.  Isobel will do something creative, she loves making cakes like me but we also do craft things together like making bracelets and hair accessories.  Oh you mean generally?  I just want them to be happy, I want them to have large happy loving families just like I have and enjoy it.

I’ve come to feel attached to both of these characters, watching them grow and hopefully in the summer, my readers will get to meet and learn about them too!