March into spring, or spring into March

I still cannot believe it’s March tomorrow already and here we; another blog being written after what feels like a year since I last put pen to paper….well finger to keyboard but the other sounded better!

hello march

Hope you’re all well and looking forward to the weather getting warmer, the evening and mornings getting lighter and feeling much brighter (I promise this isn’t a poem!) I’m looking forward to having a bit more energy and the ability to get home from a day at work and do writing when I get in because I’ve still not finished my book!

Speaking of my book, I went to an event last Thursday evening in Portsmouth arranged by the Portsmouth Writers Hub (Tess Ditner is a complete legend for organising these events) and I’m so grateful to my friend Hannah Loughrey who invited me to accompany her.  The even was an evening with Adele Parks, yes yes, Adele Parks who wrote, whatever it takes, husbands, Larger than Life and The Other Woman’s shoes!  The evening was an insight to how she got into writing aswell as an introduction to the world of publishing and agents.  I personally went because I love her style of writing, and had always been one of my favourite writers that I wanted to meet and I finally got to do that!

Cheesy grins!!

So, I went in Costa today (which is quite a shock for me as I never used to like these chain coffee shops, but I’ve succombed to them since it’s the only place I can spend my lunch hour that’s relatively quiet!)  Seriously the University campus is crazily busy at the moment!!  Anyhoo, I was put in a good mood because my Costa card gave me a free coffee so I skipped and jumped my way back to the office enjoying something for FREE!


It’s the time of year where some have given up chocolate for lent (me? no way!) and the time when the children start to decorate eggs (I used to love doing that, I might just do it anyway who cares if I’m 40!)  I sometimes get an egg for Easter, even though I’ve supposed to have grown out it (NEVER!!!!)

Is it me or does the middle front egg look slightly cynical??

I hope to blog again before Easter (I really must keep up with this blogging lark and stick to doing it regularly) but please, hope you all have a fun filled and crazy (but not scarry) Easter!

This is adorable!!