Writing is progress!

Wow, I’ve just done 3 hours non stop of writing my fingers are on fire!typing-test.jpg

Hopefully it’ll be worth it but I’m buzzing, wired and feeling generally creative.  I could write and write and write, but the right hand side of my brain needs a break from it.


For those hours I felt like my mind had taken over my whole entire body, hunger…what’s that?  Thirst?  That’s for weak people!  It’s the first time I’ve not felt distracted for a while whilst I’m writing, which is pretty impressive considering the goings on downstairs (in the living quarters) husband is down there listening to some guitar music and doing some photography and baking bread!!  (Yes I do feel proud to say he is a multi-tasker in training).

I finally felt like I needed a break so I watched this…

Funny Dog Story

But then that was it, I have to stop I physically need to stop and move if anything I feel like I’m ceased up from all the aggression and creativity flowing through my veins like a waterfall!


Oh my god now I need to pee!!!!