Where were you when you first heard about Bowie?

As the alarm went off this morning I had Monday morning blues, I grabbed my phone (as that seems to be the first thing that most people do nowadays I’m sure) and it lit up with sad news.

David Bowie had died.


I have been thinking about him all day, not just personally but the memories he’s given me through the years. One of my earliest memories of hearing Let’s Dance in the early 80s and dancing around my bedroom, well at least until my dad came up and told my brother to turn it down, yes the music was coming from the room next to mine.
I would enjoy music on the radio, but at the young age I was I didn’t really have a particular type of music I preferred. (not much has changed there!)

Then when we moved house before our parents decorated our bedrooms, using paint my brother did a Bowie logo across the wall (in black I think). I think it’s the only time he’d done graffiti and mum and dad not shout at him, I think the worst I did was draw snoopy.

I didn’t have a record player for a long time as a child (BUT before you get the violins out) I had a radio in my bedroom with a cassette player which I would record the top 40 every week (I know I wasn’t the only one). But we did have an old fashioned hifi which I was able to play records on, but because I wasn’t old enough to buy my own this limited to me to Rod Stewart and Aretha Franklin (totally not a bad thing looking back but at the time it was uncool.)

Luckily for me though when my brother moved out he left hundreds of record singles, having bought albums afterwards so they had a new place in the living room ready to be played at the weekends. Then one Saturday when I was going through the video cabinet, (I was just about to settle down and watch Brookside Omnibus) I noticed a video called Absolute Beginners. I remember the moment I pushed the VHS into the cassette holder like it was yesterday, I sat back after I pressed play on the the floor with my back against the sofa hugging my knees.

That was the most poignant moment for me when I think of Bowie, what was yours?

Thank you DB for the memories and the years of music you gave us, Rest In Peace xxx