Recap, how was it for you?

So hours away from 2016, I thought I’d reminisce of what this year has meant for us (everyone, not just me!)


This year for me has felt like no other year, come to that I think this last year has been a blur I have to really think about it to realise that it’s been quite a significant year for me, even if I haven’t had time to blog about it much lately (once again, sorry about that!)

Trying to think of the most important things (in more recent order because my brain cannot cope any other way);


My first visit to an organised group for writers, in Portsmouth and one particular member welcomed me with open arms as I attended an evening with fellow writers meeting agents that opened my eyes to the world of publishing.

So let’s see, maybe this time I won’t self publish!


As well as this, a friend (a fellow writer) and I discovered Writers In Conversation, at Southampton University where I work!


Speaking of work, I acquired a new job within the University in July, that was another happening in my life that was important to me and getting back into student admin which is my choice of career.

Then there was Tallinn, oh the beautiful old town of Tallinn, now that was a great holiday the most memorable holiday probably because it was so pretty and lots to see.


My niece not only passed her driving test, but is now a confident driver with a car.  My nephew graduated after 3 years of hard work at University, such a proud auntie am I!


In the news, there has been some awful things that have happened.  The Paris and Australia attacks, Terry Pratchett and Cilla Black passing away (amongst others); the refugee problems the world faced; the bombings and attacks that took place in Tunisia as well as other destinations and the Greece financial crisis to name just a small percentage of what happened in 2015.

However, let’s just take a deep breath and remember the good things that happened in 2015, the uplifting stories that came to light and appeared on my Facebook homepage…..

There was a lot of generosity in 2015 (either that or I just noticed it more) stories of people topping up parking tickets for strangers so that they didn’t get tickets, made me smile every time I saw one!


Another inspirational story that stood out for me was a boy with Autism that hated having his hair cut, I saw the post on Facebook and cried when I read that the hairdresser now drives for a whole day to go and cut the boys hair after he moved house.

In August, I read that a Hooters waitress in America donated her Kidney to a 72 year old man with organ failure, brave and inspiring.

And then in May, Princess Charlotte was born…


But when I think of the most happy stories in 2015, this one sticks in my mind so much.  When this girl appeared on the television screen one night my eyes welled up when I heard this story;

A 21 year old Katie Cutler was disgraced when she heard that a mugger had attacked disabled pensioner Alan Barnes on his doorstep in Gateshead and she wanted to find a way to help.  She set up a fundraising page and almost a week later she was handing over a cheque for £330,000. This money gave him the opportunity to move away from the house he lived that held sad memories and closer to Katie.  They are now best friends.


This is just such a beautiful story, so so inspirational and I hope that there are more people like this in 2016.

Bring it on!


Happy new year to you all