Fuertaventura, aka strong winds

So this time last week I was sat in a Tapas Restaurant in Corralejo drinking Sangria, and now I’m in my pijamas looking at an open fire and watching The One Show with a cup of tea in my hand. How different can things be in just a week.

A colleague said to me this morning, does it feel like you’ve not had a holiday yet (giggling to herself). Yes it does feel exactly like that but I shall remember that when she comes back from holiday and say the same thing to her! (love her really!)

When we got there I hadn’t realised how hot it would be, I clearly packed the wrong clothing…..oh dear I can feel a shopping trip coming on! I had packed jeans and leggings and it was 38 degrees when we got there, I only had ONE pair of shorts!! But the first thing we had to do was get dinner when we got there as it was getting dark already and I needed a stiff drink after the long day of traveling we’d had. 

This is my first time to Fuertaventura, and Corralejo is a lovely resort to stay in. We stayed in the Oasis Village which is just outside of the centre which is still walking distance to the beach, restaurants and more importantly shops. If you’re getting the feeling I am a bit of a shopaholic then that feeling is 100% correct!

When we had a cloudy day or as us Brits would say ‘we are still sitting by the pool till it rains’ we decided that we would go for a drive around the island, we got the map out and made a beeline for the best route we could take that would give us the opportunity to see all the sights.

Most things that Fuertaventura is most famous for (in my preference order):

Aloe Vera

These plants are everywhere, and I mean everywhere you look whether it be the side of the road or hill or even in a shop that famous plant and products of the plant is everywhere so if someone said they couldn’t find any Aloe Vera in Fuertaventura…..THEY ARE LYING!


The locals on the island are very green, not in the literal sense…..but that would be funny! Everywhere you look there are solar panels on most of the buildings, and they get alot of their energy from windmills. Antigua a village where we stopped and had a look around, and even went up into the windmill, now that’s something I never thought I’d do!

Landscape views

There are quite some views in Fuertaventura….


You know you’ve arrived when you see a beach with golden sand and clear water…


I knew that it was famous for surfing being windy there but I’ve never seen so many surf boards!

A lovely relaxing time was had, the day we left we both felt so sad.

The sun shone the whole time, the food delicious as we dine.

Corralejo we hope to be visiting you again!